Cyberpunk 2077 Quickhack Guide

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Quickhacking is something in Cyberpunk that can be a little confusing at the start of the game. Check out this Cyberpunk 2077 Quickhack guide to figure the ins and out of the system to make it easier. This way you don’t mess up and alert the guard you were trying to sneak past.

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12 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Quickhack Guide”

  1. This video should be renamed to breach protocol guide cause you only showed breach protocol daemons which don't cost RAM and have 3 minute cooldowns whereas quickhacks cost ram and can do things like take over turrets, have peoples grenades go off or commit suicide, etc. Also breach protocol, under the intelligence category, is its own separate perk tree from quickhacks.

    Sorry for being that guy

  2. That's a shit minigame that it is completely random. Sometimes you can knock off all 3 objectives, other times you can only get the 3rd most lucrative objective but are locked out of the other ones.

  3. Sorry to say it but this video is a fail.

    Breach protocol is a permanent buff or debuff you can apply to enemies and equipment. For example, 30% weakness to physical damage is now applied to all enemies across the network (debuff for them, buff for you), or a permanent decrease in RAM cost for quick hacks.

    It is a set-up for a stealth walkthrough or combat scenario, it’s something you should be doing BEFORE a fight or being stealthy.

    Quick hacks are basically a magic system, you can control objects and enemies in the environment in real-time (such as turning off their guns, their optics, detonating their grenades, etc), with RAM as your mana bar.

    Breach protocol are potions, quick hacks are spells.

  4. Great stuff! Thanks for the help, and this was 10x more clear and better to understand than that wall of text you get first time u try to breach protocol. Luv it!


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