Cyberpunk 2077 Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro Comparison

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Cyberpunk 2077 Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro Comparison

This is a side by side comparison of cyberpunk 2077 on ps4 vs ps4 pro.
Both gameplays were recorded on 1080p without HDR.

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30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro Comparison”

  1. I couldn’t even see all teeth options in character creator, the desert foliage looked 2D when I panned the camera the plants looked like those pop up pictures in kids books and had random spots of blurry light on distant objects textures were so clayish and lackluster I had to stop and take the game out. This was ten minutes in! Complete bull and very bad anti consumer marketing on every level. We’ll release the game when it’s ready is a joke. And the game was advertised for current gen. I’m completely astounded that they would even consider releasing this shit.

  2. So.. I have a ps4 pro, and I won't get ps5 soon bcs my ps4pro its sort a new (I have it like 2 years). I want to play it… But does it worth? My pc sucks so I can't play it on pc. It's only ps4 pro version or nothing. Should I buy it or screw that and just buy different game?

  3. I remember everyone and their moms telling me “Cyberpunk will run like shit on base consoles” before launch and now that it does people are acting completely shocked?! Its horrible to see it happen, but I feel like we called it from the very beginning.


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