Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is Going to RUIN my Life !!

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Accolonn reacts to the New Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty Night City Livewire.

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6 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is Going to RUIN my Life !!”

  1. The good, the bad, the ugly of new skill system:
    The good:
    – legendary crafting seems to be no longer linked to technical ability, so it's no longer required to put 18 points into it for the best gear.
    – reflexes are no longer a total dump stat if you're not using specific weapons (katanas, pistols, rifles)
    – there are less direct stat buffs and more abilities giving you variety in attacks/movement
    – there are actual fun combos one can invest into that seem overpowered but also fun
    The bad:
    – Intelligence is still a lonely island, that you either max out as fast as possible or not touch at all, and it seems it's still gonna be possible to become a netrunning god by level 20, straight after leaving watson and buying a good cyberdeck
    – cool lost it's "cold blood" side, meaning it just became a dump stat, unless you are heavily invested into stealth or thrown weaponry
    The ugly:
    – you're still expected to pour a lot of points into technical ability, as it helps you greatly with the amount and quality of cyberware you can use. Also if using tech weapons
    – smart weapons' upgrades are locked behind intelligence, meaning you'll have to invest into a stat that does nothing for you if you're not a netrunner but want to use self-guiding pew-pew's
    – body is still the most universal attribute, holding by far the most general buffs to a character, and it's harder to gain durability, so dipping points into this seems like a requirement.

    So far, the most fun build just from reading seems to be a 20/20/20 reflexes+tech+body build focused on closing the distance with blades and sandevistan, with berserk and euphoria effects simultaneously and a kamikaze explosion 3 seconds into sandy.

  2. Hey man, have you played cp2077 on a stream? Is there any chance to watch it somewhere?

    btw, at one point CD Projekt RED and Cyberpunk were so big in Poland that to celebrate the launch there was a special all-night live event on one of the biggest TV stations, hosted by one of the huge Polish celebrities. I watched it, it was very "how do you do fellow kids", but cool nonetheless.

  3. Only in games and bad Hollywood movies do the bad guys walk into striking distance with a firearm so the hero can disarm them. You are literally holding a projectile shooting device. Gets in arms reach. 2IQ writing.

  4. bro on release even on pc this game was a buggy mess. I pre ordered this game but only started playing on 1.6 patch and there still were some minor bugs. Its mostly fixed now though and thats what matters, can't wait for this expansion


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