Cyberpunk 2077 – Patch 1.6 – Best Build – Monowire Build – Mantis Blade Build – Gorilla Arms Build

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22 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Patch 1.6 – Best Build – Monowire Build – Mantis Blade Build – Gorilla Arms Build”

  1. Also Mantis Blades have a horrible kill animation that will get you killed on very hard.

    Monowire is my favorite ethical build. Just does everything great.

    20 body
    20 reflex
    (16-20) Cool
    (8-12) Rest in Tech
    Nothing in INT

    No need tor high tech since you dont craft monowires.

  2. This is perfecttt! Thank you! Itll make choosing my Chrome much easier

    I wish the weapons system was a bit different in my opinion having 3 weapons and cyberware is just to diverse that you end up having crossover

    Like lets say you play a pure blade build, do you use. Knives, machetes, swords, monowire or mantis blades with no real progession outside of DPS numbers

    I think Monowire should be moved to Cool instead since its usually built around speed, crit chance, and stealth and would alleviate the stacked nature of Reflex perks

    If I could I'd give legendary cyberwares unique effects or iconic versions that are way expensive/end game ideally you would have characters using knives then blades for the range and damage upgrades before choosing late game if they want a blades/stealth style or maybe a more direct approach with mantis blades that adds mitigation chance when blocking

    This could help simulate that we are moving or blocking bullets super fast like some high level enemies

    What weapons do you always have equipped? I try to keep a pistol, melee, and 2 handed weapon (shotgun,smg,AR, sniper)

  3. did they fix the critical damage mods of the cyberware weapons?

    since you commented that only the health one worked

    monowire is no better elemental damage than physical damage

  4. I'm having fun with a netrunner build. The melee and weapons seem less interesting to me in this game.
    Your builds are always so perfectly min maxed I would really like to see a build or some talk at least about quickhacks and a netrunner build.

  5. I think gorilla arms are meant to be less powerful because they have the versatility of being non-lethal, and they can be used in situations that forbid the other arm types, such as boxing matches. Having to punch a gonk two or three times is a relatively small price to pay for that extra utility.

  6. So is cool not really worth upgrading? Or making it 8 I was only wondering cuz ik fingers has the items at 15 cool and 16 cool which give 35% resistance to everything and a 10 reduced incoming damage I'm assuming it's not worth it since u kill stuff so fast and slow down time but just curious

  7. monowire with legendary short circuit does work really well as well. the 20 INT also unlocks the crit and crit damage implants. it works on the boxing quests to. Short Circut procs can win them all


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