Cyberpunk 2077 on Android, DOOM Eternal DROPS Denuvo and A LOT more…

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Hey all! In this video we go over the latest and greatest news in technology, gaming, open source and emulation!

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0:00 Cyberpunk 2077 on Android
0:45 PS5 Homebrew
1:09 DOOM Eternal drops Denuvo
2:12 Baldurs Gate 3 Cross Play
2:34 Zero One SP English Patch
3:02 Japanese YouTuber sentenced to prison
3:45 Daytona USA 2 Headed to Consoles Kinda
4:20 Nintendo Switch 2 Details
5:11 New Turnip Vulkan Driver news
5:40 MediaTek TSMC 3nm Chip
6:12 GTAIV FusionFix
6:45 SNES Super Street Fighter



24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 on Android, DOOM Eternal DROPS Denuvo and A LOT more…”

  1. Been working on GTA modding again for a few weeks. The new FusionFix is absolutely amazing and a visual game changer. We're getting closer and closer to the game we were promised.

  2. I have noticed since the removel of Denuvo i have no slow down when running Reshade before i would have constant frame drops to the low 20's does not happen now the frame rate and frame times are consistant.

  3. Well, im the guy who ran the game on my phone, im impressed that my post even went to a popular channel, i wasnt expecting this but well, i guess im famous now
    I have a video uploaded on my channel running it, but Mr Sujano, can i post the video link to the video?

  4. The android windows emulation is wild indeed. Props to bethesda for dropping denuvo from doom…i'll still shit on them though because of the woke, unoptimized piece of shit that is Starfield. As for zero one, always great to see more things get translated. And…i suppose Japan's copyright laws are as draconian as always, imagine going to prison for posting a bloody ending of a game on youtube, this is almost as bad as nintendo, speaking of which, hope switch 2 will be as easy to emulate:)
    Oh, and yeah, glad Gta IV pc port has been finally fixed by that mod, it's been in a pretty shitty state for years but now it's actually enjoyable to play with FusionFix.


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