Cyberpunk 2077 ON A 12 YEAR OLD CPU

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The super hyped up Cyberpunk 2077 game is out and instead of running it on just regular hardware we go pretty much as far back as we can with a CPU that still runs the game, the core i7-920. We tried running the game on a GTX 580 but had no luck, the game crashes immediatly but after installing a 3gb GTX 1060 the game ran pretty well (until it crashed) at 1920×1080 fhd, for the parts we were using.

Here is the configuration we used:

Intel i7-920 (swaped for a xeon 5670)
Asus Rampage II Extreme
12gb DDR3 RAM
GTX 1060 3gb (gtx 580 was no go)

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Intro by Davi w1p30ut3r


31 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 ON A 12 YEAR OLD CPU”

  1. same CPU as me (but mine is a bit overclocked), same motherboard RAMPAGE 2 EXTREME and same amount of Corsair Dominator RAM as you but a GTX 1080. got a new i9 with a 2080TI but wanna play it in my old PC. Thank you for the advice and test!

  2. I just tried this on my GTX 480 rig. It also does not boot. i think the issue is that Fermi cards (400 & 500 series) only kinda support DirectX 12. And CP 2077 is supposed to be the first DX12 exclusive on PC. So i assume that the 400 and 500 cards dont support the full feature set. I was really excited to try it out on such a low end pc 🙁

  3. ive got the core i7 990x extreme and im running cyberpunk on ultra for everything bar motion blur (with the anti avx fix on) runs great funny how it doesnt run for shit on ps4 but runs mint on my anchent hardwheres oh and ive got a 1080ti

  4. hi im fixing my P6T and I7-920, took it to 24 GB RAM and now im wondering what budget card would be the candidate to replace my dual GTX260's 2GB (they gone bad and wont post) got a R9 380 8GB from a friend and even though it works it is deffective and i had to underclock the memory…

    camn you reccomend a GPU under 200 for the i7-920?

  5. Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.05 is live, and this patch specifically says in the notes: * Removed the use of AVX instruction set thus fixing crashes occurring at the end of the Prologue on processors not supporting AVX.

    This should fix the crash issue!

  6. i got the i7 930 and i bought this gpu last month for 175$ on amazon and it went up to 375$! . needless to say i sold it today for 260$ and put my evga ftw 4gb back in. it plays everything so fck it lol

  7. Kool video. I still have few of them Tylersburg X58 /i5520. With single (OC’d 4.2) 24g ram & dual X5675 48g. I wonder if this game likes more GHz vs cores & if 6-8 gddr helps. I have GTX-980 Ti 6g & GTX-1070 8g. Is the game ever crash system or just game?

  8. Glad I found your video – thanks! I have an i7-930 (OC to ~3.2 GHz) and an EVGA GTX 1070 (8GM VRAM) + 12 GB RAM. Been deliberating over cyperpunk or not but may buy it now.


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