Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Reactions 4K

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Some people are saying the Cyberpunk 2077 NPCs don’t react to your presence. In fact, there are numerous videos on Youtube showing the PS4/Xbox version where the NPCs don’t react to being shot at etc. Well here’s how they should react taken from the PC version. The reactions could be better though, and pale in comparison to some older open-world games.

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4 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Reactions 4K”

  1. Notice the very first NPC sitting down her expression changes as you approach her with your gun drawn. Also notice how the people in cars react contrary to what some other youtube videos will lead you to believe. I honestly believe the Xbox One and PS4 versions are gimped and need some serious work to stop these bugs from happening.

  2. I am playing this fully maxed out in 2k with all RTX on and this game is like nothing before! Can you pleaser upload in 4k just for people the very center of the city? like arasaka tower and all the buildings around it? People need to see that masterpiece.

  3. they just sit there and cower and they all cower in the same position.

    i too have this on pc and the game is more or less running pretty great.

    the npc, cop ai, the interactivity of the world, are seriously lacking…

    it just seems like they gave up and set everything on rails….

    the npcs don't drive their cars…'s really disappointing….and your video doesn't really dispel any criticism.


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