Cyberpunk 2077 News – Free Update & Paid Expansion Content Breakdown, Crafting, Phantom Liberty Lore

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Today we are going to talk about the latest information about Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty which includes breakdown of Free Update and Paid Expansions features, content and much more!

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  1. [Affiliate] – Buy Cyberpunk 2077 or any game over my link at GOG and support the channel:

    [Affiliate] – Use GFUEL code "LKM" for a nice discount over at

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  2. 1:40
    Da, ali zanimljivo je kako su za Phantom Liberty naglasili "Vehicle Missile Launchers" iako znamo da oružje na vozilima dolazi u više vrsta. Iskreno, ja bih rekao da vozilna oružja ipak dolaze u 2.0 updateu jer su ona ključan dio vehicle combat sistema. Plus, koliko znam policija će također koristiti oružja na svojim vozilima, a s obzirom da oni dolaze u 2.0 update, bilo bi neobično da ih policija može koristiti a igrači bez ekspanzije nemogu.

    To be honest, CDPR bi mogao poraditi na komunikaciji. Pawel i Gabe su rekli par komentara koji sugeriraju neke funkcije ili mogućnosti koje nisu nužno potvrđene a mogle bi dovesti do razočarenja igrača (npr. da li bande pomažu u sukobu sa policijom), te ljudi imaju dosta pitanja vezano za razne promjene, npr. nema niti riječi o crafting-u. CDPR nije komentirao ništa od toga nego dozvoljava igračima da spekuliraju i da hype raste, te objavljuju površinske artikle kao nedavni artikl sa policijom koji je ljudima samo zadao više pitanja.

  3. I got burnt really badly on this game when it first came out, I was in PS4 with no internet at the time, so I played the game, on disc, 1.0, and it was a DISASTER. But seeing the redemption first hand has been glorious, and I'm genuinely excited for 2.0 and PL, these changes seem so well thought out and the game is really coming into its own finally.

    After playing some BG3, I cant help but want the table top game to get the BG3 treatment so we can get that accurately, it would be AMAZING

  4. I'm a bit worried because we know there will be bugs, but since 1.63 we've had regular game crashes, tons of physics issues that resurfaced from prior to 1.5 and hasn't had any hotfixes to repair it, just wonder how much worse it's gonna get with two quick data drops and how long the bugs are gonna take to fix

  5. Techies should under Crafting have a Tab for: Making Turrets with (Handguns, SMG, Shotgun, Rifle – Lite, Medium, Heavy , LMG, Heavy MG & Rocket/Grenade Launchers) , Land Mines with the Same Damage as Crafted Grenades both Omni & Directional. Making a Simple Bot Pet that can be Stabby Bot or a Gun Bot with Simple commands like Attack Target or Follow. I mean why else play a Techie then. Also it would be Fun IF they added in the Weapons from the CP2020 Chrome Series Catalogs and some OLD AZZED Weapons like Great Granddad's M-16/AK47 , M1 Grandthumb or Shotty.

  6. I pre ordered phantom liberty when it first came to store and I am dying to play it but the wait is killing me I should have waited a little to pre order lol

  7. Crafting (Legendary Ashura people) was my main money maker for endgame gear…….BECAUSE MISSION PAYOUT SUCKED. So if they increase mission payouts, or let the enemy strongholds have worthwhile cash stashes or something( the gangoons are broke as hell in base game) than I'm fine with it

    I mean, they took away making crafting mods worthwile in earlier patches, now this. Just toss the whole crafting tree then, otherwise

  8. does anyone even care about cyberpunk anymore? Starfield's literally coming out in three days. No-one's gonna be playing this for the next couple of months at least.

  9. I’m low key curious why a white person is playing a Japanese character… Lizzy Wizzy. Im sure there are great celebrities that could have done it. But that’s just me, I mean they went out of their way to give this character cybernetic traditional headwear, but they didn’t do the same for the voice actor? I mean grimes is cool and all, but like, she’s really not an interesting person. She’s kinda like a child that never grew up, and was very lucky and born rich. Now she has all these privileges, white privileges…. I think they really need to recast her. I didn’t like grimes as Lizzy Wizzy. It feels wrong.

  10. On crafting….

    I didnt have a problem with IT I had a problem with the weapon system. I wanted a harder crunchier gun system. Sure… quality modifiers and maybe degradation over time but i didnt like that you had to play like a looter shooter.

    If they arent changing that, then I dont have any issues with crafting. If they are… well we will have to see.

  11. I RPd a nomad techie V so I was using crafting a lot, especially upgrading weapons to make them more efficient, and crafting my own grenades/inhalers. A choom of mine thinks we'll have some crafting table TLOU style and no limit on what we can build as long as we have the tools and parts, but I doubt that, because it's not RPG-ish enough imo. Maybe crafting will be implemented in the other tree skills, for instance, you develop you gun skills –> you can build better guns. I think we'll only know when PL is out and downloaded.
    I look forward for the new storyline, but the new trees makes me nervous, I don't want them to get in the middle of my RP, and I'm tired of learning to min max my character, and what order to play the missions in to make sure I have enough skills for the right choices/dialogues.

  12. I use crafting all the time. Best way to get better weapons, with the right perks clothing and weapons will be 10% better than looted, or bought. Plus I get to use weapons I want and not relying on random drops.

  13. Wouldn’t hurt if the crafting gives u certain perks when u increase the level and quality of the weapons making it worth while to increase levels of weapons to gain certain perks to the weapon….

  14. Devs mentioned, not long ago, that they wont be changing the looting system, as that would be a massive undertaking. I can only assume that's the case for crafting, as well.
    Since there was no menu option for crafting maybe we have to go to a crafting station for that? I wouldn't mind it, but what they need to tweak is ammo capacity. You run through so much ammo in the harder difficulties, specially if your build isn't op. You end up having to craft ammo after every fight, and sometimes you'd run out of ammo, specially with shotguns.

  15. Still hoping they've addressed NPC AI and open world interactivity, since those were GLARING issues from launch that are still not fixed. Also hoping in dynamic events besides car missions and airdrops… Fingers crossed!

  16. One thing which always bothered me was finding a decent scope to match my gun colour, usually black. it would have been nice to change/pick colours for your gear. Another thing was npcs wearing things you couldn't loot, find or buy, After my last playthrough of 520 hours +, I bought every item in every shop and still couldn't get a full matching Camo set for my female character.


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