Cyberpunk 2077 – NEW UPDATE Quietly Added By CD Projekt Red! All New Patch 1.5 & DLC Leak Info

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Cyberpunk 2077 Something Big Just Happened With the New Update & New Response from CD Projekt Red
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34 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – NEW UPDATE Quietly Added By CD Projekt Red! All New Patch 1.5 & DLC Leak Info”

  1. Not being able to choose my gun, cybernetic, vehicle colours has been a major bugbear for me since launch. I like the look to fit the feel of my character. And since they were so short sighted with the lifepaths its the least they could do to help me define MY "V".

  2. I just hope they fix the audio bug on console. To be clear I can only speak for ps4. The audio is often delayed, doesn't happen, or happens in such a short time that the characters often interrupt their own dialog. Know that I am up to date and I have even uninstalled and reinstalled to be sure that wasn't the problem before you go suggesting things. I would play on pc but my pc is very old and can't play most games without either crashing or having to put the game in potato mode.

  3. We all knew the leaks were fake so why is this throwing a wrench in anything, more like throwing a wrench into youtubers continuing to make wild speculation based on leaks saying we know they are fake but!!!!!!!!! You have been able to change the skins of any veichle in the game with mods for ages, the only difference with this one is that is stays after saving which is great. When it comes to modders working on the game, now they are actually working for CDPR they have to do things differently to before, they can't just add in whatever they want when they want.

  4. I'm not trying to be negative here I love cyberpunk but I am getting really tired of CD project red Drag in their feet on these updates it's getting to be ridiculous Yo if they work on it now the next update should be out in February not have to wait till March that's completely They're gonna lose so many players because people just gonna say OK I'm just gonna give up I don't have a new content I don't have new game plus why bother keep playing the cyberpunk

  5. Man I just I expected more even from the modders I don't know maybe that's selfish of me but there's games out there that actually did half of what cdpr said there are PG was going to be so I'm just going to stop buying their games and I'm just going to start researching games before I buy them never pre-ordering a fucking game again in my life and that blows no more pre-order exclusives(which mind you had to come back and add this cdpr like kind of did nothing for the people that pre-ordered it I mean like unless you spent $300 but even then you really didn't get much for 300 bucks Canadian that is

  6. Didn't they say in December that they were already testing it?

    So there's no guarantee it'll actually take 2 months. They might release the 1.5 in 2 weeks and advertisements for next gen could start pouring in Monday.


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