Cyberpunk 2077 New AI Is HILARIOUS

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The newly added NPC A.I. is truly something to marvel at because it is still the same terrible game with some seriously incompetent NPCs thrown in. The police still don’t chase you but this seems just as bad.

Clipped from this original livestream:

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13 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 New AI Is HILARIOUS”

  1. still not game breaking to me but then i don't care about killing friendly npc but cyberpunk 2077 is still awesome and playable on my base ps4 so i be going back to it after i get dying light 2 platinum and i did beat dying light 2 story so now i am going back finding stuff and collect stuff

  2. No matter what thy do, this game is simply UNFIXABLE. It's a real shame because the potential this game had was crazy.. had another dev team worked on this game (Rockstar for ex) it would be a generational game like red dead 2.


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