Cyberpunk 2077 – Never Fade Away

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It’s confirmed, Kerry Eurodyne’s a hopeless sellout. Or is he?

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26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Never Fade Away”

  1. You actually also had a gay romance option with Warden. I chose to toast to family with him on the water tower but I also had the option to kiss him with my male character.
    Warden actually seemed a tiny bit disappointed when I chose that option but still gave me his piece and proceded to get wasted. VERY safe considering you'd have to climb down a water tower wasted xD

  2. That "moment" with Kerry is a bit immersion-breaking. Given I played a female V, and we know Kerry is gay (and my V was loved up with Judy) why the heck would there be that moment of sexual tension?

  3. Somehow I missed alot of the Kerry stuff. I played a female character first run through so I wonder if that's it. Judy is still the best. I'm just starting a male mc so I'll see if I get any hot kerry action this go through. Might wait for the patch.

  4. Kinda sad tbh, I was kinda curious what the Kerry romance was like, Kerry was a great character, but sadly I was a woman.. also his other quests didn't seem to unlock for me, apparently according to someone else it bugged out for them too and they never got called to continue them, shame

  5. Too bad this series is wrapping up. I was hoping to see whatever the side mission is that involves V and the live iguana. I've seen a bunch of screen shots around and was hoping to find out more about it here.

    Any word on what's next? The rest of Breath Edge maybe now that it's complete?

  6. Hey jingles can you start playing war thunder at least sometimes. I'm starting to really dislike all the wot games. You're a great strategist I think you would Excel and what's under is more complex and interesting. It just doesn't move as fast


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