Cyberpunk 2077 Makes INSANE Comeback Passing 20M Copies Sold!

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39 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Makes INSANE Comeback Passing 20M Copies Sold!”

  1. Good for them. Cyberpunk obviously wasn't everything it was hyped up to be, and it wasn't even everything it could have been, but it was an okay game. After everything was patched it didn't deserve all the hate it got originally.

  2. I played through Cyberpunk 2077 in perhaps the worst platform of last generation console. Buggy with crashes and cut content but still featured a compelling storyline and intriguing world. Despite the problems, I truly enjoyed it even though it wasn't at the level of a Mass Effect or Witcher 3.

    I hope that there is another installment and that it is able to reach the level it was always meant to; I will be there for it.

  3. I restarted cyberpunk a week and a half ago.
    Such a better game than it was.
    Still needs a few tweaks here n there.
    The driving of vehicles is very unintuitive!
    Plus the shooting controls, take some getting used to, on a controller at least.
    Just feels too fast, getting headshots is quite difficult.

  4. I’m one of those people that didn’t really trash the game, but I was disappointed with how they botched the game at launch! The game was in development hell because they made it for outdated hardware.

  5. fantastic, amazing, outstanding.
    their sales number totally wash the taste of lies and treachery they produced with their sneaky scummy behavior. totally. sales numbers completely clean the slate, the fact they cheated millions doesn't matter now.

  6. I wanted 2077 but heard all the problems and that sales were pulled so waited for them to fix it and got it last year, great game, shame the European version had a lot of the more extreme and nudity scenes cut from console versions though.
    Anime is good and great seeing the same apartment and bars used in the game.

  7. I'm glad cyberpunk is getting some good press, and recognition. It's my favorite newer gen game, and you can see how much effort was put in. Seeing 4.5k people in the cyberpunk tab on twitch last night warmed my cold, dark, petrified heart. People are playing. And enjoying it.

  8. This game sucks. Its the exact same game that released 2 years ago, with some bug patches. Its not an rpg, its not immersive, its not anything they advertised it to be. Its just a mediocre looter shooter, but players have lowered expectations now that they know its not a good game. Sobtje reviews have been tamped down, knowing its a nothing special.

  9. CDPR really learned their lesson the hard way. I think they responded the right way, just locking up for a while and fixing the most, then after a month or two after launch they started to give more feedback on what they were doing and just gradually working with the community and continue fixing the game. I'm really glad they managed to turn it around specially now that the first major dlc for Cyberpunk is close.


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