Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Who is Adam Smasher A Solo Borg Backstory

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Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Who is Adam Smasher? A Solo Borg Backstory

Hey guys in this video we talk about Adam Smasher the Metalhead. We explore his early life and learn when and how became a full borg.

While doing a lot of research I learned a few things along the way. I learned that in the cyberpunk universe fashion and style plays a big role when it comes to the characters reputation. This may explain why CDPR pitched the idea that clothing would increase your streetcred. Ultimately this concept was dropped by the launch of the game itself but it is still a mechanic i may want to do a video on,

Other things I’ve learned is that Adam is not even on the top 10 solo list. Which i find pretty strange considering he is a solo that gets the job done. I surmised in the video that maybe it was because of his lack of humanity and finesse. It seems that solos are distinguished and ranked on other criteria’s.

I was also able to find that Kei Arasaka designed a borg body heavily influenced by the Dragoon variant used to attack Arasaka assets of the China coast. I don’t think that this is the suit Adam has in cyberpunk 2077, but I’m pretty sure his full assault body was some sort of hybrid.

Watch the whole vid to find out more!

Enjoy the video guys!
Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:28 Early Life
1:50 Got turned to stew
2:10 Saved by Arasaka
2:45 Role – Solo
3:03 Soldout to corporation mechanic
3:40 Turning in a borg
3:51 Losing finese and style points
4:35 Top 10 solo – Solo of Fortune 2
6:43 first bord body
7:25 destroy all flesh
7:40 his weapons
8:25 Morgan Blackhand Rivalry
10:44 Nuking of Arasak towers 2023
11:10 Adam survies nuke
11:44 what happens from 2023 to 2077
12:50 new cyborg body
13:00 Outro/ Speculation

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22 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Who is Adam Smasher A Solo Borg Backstory”

  1. I really like the idea of body modification (chrome) but 1. I don't know if I could actually let go of my organic body(parts) and 2. I hate the fact that through the tech I could become a vessel of the world order, politics, companies.. cuz they would definitely have and use the opportunity to observe everyone with chrome..

  2. borgs can also have a digital back up made of themselves. and then download the copy of themself into a new borg. I saw a guy play a character in till he went nuts and put a fifth arm on his crotch

  3. Adam give me WH40K vibes, crank everything up to max, does it make sense: who cares, its cool.

    It takes flesh to create new flesh that can be augmented with chrome. Chrome does not create chrome to be augmented with flesh.
    Flesh made chrome not the other way around.
    1-dimensional character is a stretch.

  4. It's also important to remember that the vast majority of borgs go psycho quickly. The fact that Smasher lasted 50-60 years as a borg and was still in complete control of himself (he was evil, but he was absolutely in control) is practically unheard of.

    Dude was built different.

  5. i have not played or watched the game, all i have seen is edgerunners… he gives off vibes of darth vader. and then i was told he is a pathetic loser in the game. so now im going to watch this vid and see who he is in lore

  6. if i was in the world of cyberpunk i wouldnt go implanting stuff for 1 reason…. i dont want to go insane…. other then that of course its better to be a dragon ball android 17-18 style person… why wouldnt you if it meant you can run faster and further, react quicker, hit stronger, survive more brutal attacks and just be a badass darth vader looking dude…


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