CYBERPUNK 2077 Kerry Eurodyne's Villa | Black Dog | Ambient Soundtrack

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Welcome to Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City! Come and reminisce over the past with Johnny Silverhand in Kerry Eurodyne’s villa as the sun sets over the city beyond. This video features an extended mix of the ambient music that plays while you explore Kerry’s home in the mission Holdin’ On, featuring hints from the Samurai tracks Black Dog and Never Fade Away.

Use this soundtrack video as some music to aid your focus while you study, inspiration to help you immerse in a scene for writing or art, some background audio to help you sleep – or just sit back, watch, and relax.

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Sounds in this ambient music video include:
Cyberpunk 2077 OST
Samurai Black Dog | Never Fade Away

0:00 i ambience sunset
33:30 ii no ambience night

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12 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 Kerry Eurodyne's Villa | Black Dog | Ambient Soundtrack”

  1. Can you upload the scene where v becomes an aldecaldo with the song Outsider no More the scene is by far one of the most beautiful and best, especially when you get your jacket from the aldecaldos. And the song is for the Aldecaldos and Panam / Badlands anyway, that fits great 😍 can you please do that?

  2. It’s awesome to see how kerry kept all these albums and guitars and belongings from the samurai days 50+ years ago till today, this is incredible kerry is such a good hearted man :’) something inside me tells me he hadn’t forgotten, and that a part of him must still be there and then, in the long gone samurai days..

  3. The more I delved into Kerry's V's and Johnny's relationship, the more I realized that the easter egg was that Kerry was in love with Johnny and he never got over him until he met and interacted with V (my V always ended up with him).


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