Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got One of Its Most Bizarre Update So Far

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Today we take a look at the major updates coming to Cyberpunk 2077. We hear from CD Projekt Red on the future of Cyberpunk 2077 in their Q1 2022 earnings report. Although we also got a major leak, dataminers have shared the entiriety of Cyberpunk 2077’s first expansion after CD Projekt Red accidentally leaked it back in February.

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – CDPR Earnings
05:51 – Cyberpunk Expansion Leak



CDPR Earnings:
Steam Depot:
Expansion Leak:

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29 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got One of Its Most Bizarre Update So Far”

  1. Yep, no real surprise that there will be only 1 DLC – bit of a shame, but the time spent on rectification pretty much destroyed any hope of multiple DLC's and a load of free stuff. I can only reiterate the hope that before CDPR put the lights out on the Red engine – they honor their commitment to release official toolsets for the modding community – mods really are the last hope for this game to live beyond the DLC – I must admit, I am not at all hopeful that this will occur…

  2. With the Expansion they said (a while back) they would follow the marketing pattern from W3, so they'll start advertising around 3 months before release

  3. After playing this on day one, this game is dead to me. What a dumpster fire…. I'll never look at CD Projekt Red again in the same way I used to after playing The Witcher 3.

  4. The chart is a bit shady bc thats just sales, sales including reduced price & 50%+ discounts almost every week since release. Is there a chart showing how much they earned?

  5. Hope the expansion adds lots new areas,new apartments,more hair and clothing options alongside body options like chrome new cars new gameplay features

  6. I keep having problems with NCPD missions and missions in general where you are supposed to pick up an item and not being able to see a prompt to pick up said item. This one bug stops me from progressing side missions and unlocking rewards from some of the people you answer to in the game.

  7. Just think of it guys, the game will be released for 2 years without any DLCs. Has it ever happened in the gaming industry? I cannot bring an example. There are still some certain features missing in the game, but the game is pretty decent now comparing to what we had on the release.

  8. I agree that like CDPR should've waited until cyberpunk was in a better state before release, but I think we should also remember how much pressure they were under to release the game. Just like No Man's Sky, fans were sending death threats to developers when delays were announced… so I just hope those people learned their lesson to let game devs release their games when they're ready.

  9. be nice if they added another option where you are cured of the relic and came back to allow more major storylines in DLC instead of being tied into Johnny's Relic.

  10. This is completely opinionated it’s okay if you disagree. I got the game when it went on sale for $20 and I put 35hrs in it. The story is slightly better than average. I disliked the screen flickering and the obnoxious noises that come with it. And I feel like both the gun play and driving is weirdly floaty. I did enjoy the sniper rifles. As far as the world and atmosphere the amount of the exact NPC being right next to each other and their “child forms” as well. Made it impossible to ever get into it.


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