Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got A Surprise Update! What's New? Let's Find Out! Brand New Updates!

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Cyberpunk 2077 New Updates – So CD Projekt RED just updated Cyberpunk 2077 with a surprise patch. What’s new and what has changed? Let’s find out!

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45 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got A Surprise Update! What's New? Let's Find Out! Brand New Updates!”

  1. Step 1. remove reflective surfaces
    Step 2. Introduce “new” reflective surfaces. Step 3. [ Fan Outrage ]
    Step 4. Bring back the first reflective surfaces and call it “Classic Reflective Surfaces”
    Step 5. Profit

  2. First off I believe all the DLCs should be free, second I think that we need customization, new apartments and to be able to customize them,new weapons (meaning completely new concepts not the ones we already have just with different skins) and vehicles should be added to the game for updates. I get why we haven’t got much but it’s honestly ridiculous that those who stuck around are even going to be basically forced to pay for expansions which is really going to affect how people even look at CDPR. Yes I give credit for the things they fixed and their hard work and as I said before I hold nothing at all against the devs, but the company and management seems like they should be changed to create a better future for the company especially since most likely the devs think we deserve a lot more but management and the company won’t let them. The company really needs to truly make things up to the people, because as of the release of the game the entire CDPR company put its reputation at risk and they are standing on a paper thin tight rope and in the process hurting their devs and their fan base and they seem to still not understand and the better make the Next Gen upgrade to be free or I’m definitely walking away from my support of the company sadly it hurts seeing and feeling that a company basically doesn’t care at all what it’s fan base wants anymore and all the see and care about is money if that’s all they care about then they should stop making games entirely until they understand.

  3. Why offer anything for free the game isn't that bad and still seeing gamers happy to buy destiny dlc and fallout

    Stop with the comparison of no man sky with cyberpunk while cyberpunk over promised and under delivered they still had a decent story incredible graphics and an interesting theme,

    no man sky didn't have anything in the beginning but worked for it To be better today

  4. I dont care about expansions what i want are the features that were promised at launch, like customizing cars, buying different apartments or real rpg dialogue with meaningful decisions effecting the world.

  5. Bc that's how dumb alot of people are, that's why they have the balls to ask for development money from the fans without blinking an eye!!! Bc you idiots will give them money and make up 101 excuses why it's ok for a multi billion dollar company to ask gamers to give their own gaming company money to make a game, it even sounds dumb.

  6. You see. One patch they did not talk about and look how happy people are already getting. Lol. If cdpr just shuts up with hype. They will be in the clear.
    But on the real though. Can we please please have females breasts not shrink when putting on clothing. That would be awesome. I want big boobs dude.

  7. Yea I believe they should give us a free content cuz idk about anyone else but I’ve been playing cyberpunk when it first got released the very first day on my PS4 slim mind u it’s not a pro or a ps5 then 4 months later I got a ps5 and the game improved I loved it even more but the last so called dlc was useless it’s not what we asked for so yes they should give us a badass free content for the support we give

  8. Give US Third Person Camera Different Animation Sets " Like GTA Style In the Interaction Menu", give us customizeable cars, and Guns, and Even Custom Plate Carriers, and New Clothing, and also give us some Random Events and a Karma System….

  9. Imagine:
    1. NPC in Cyberpunk more like Red Dead Redemption 2, they work, more interactive
    2. Nomad world more like Madmax game, and player/npc can travel between Nightcity – Nomad World
    3. Flying cars and car customization
    4. Travel to other 7 planet just like No Man Sky with rockets/spaceship
    5. 3rd world on the bottom of Night City and make the 3rd world like Ratchet & Clank
    6. Game are more optimize and less glitches

    I would buy this Cyberpunk even it cost $500

  10. Its prevalent in many operations-focussed industries: i work in hotel operations and even though i produce good results it means nothing if its not the desired result of some tone-deaf manager who has never lifted a constructive finger in the job you're performing. Nothing but respect to devs who pour their heart and soul into their work only for some suit to bastardise it.

  11. Asking people to work 90 hour crunch weeks as a "Thank You"… People care about crunch burnout… as long as it doesn't get in the way of their free shit or apology because "FLOOR NOT WET"

  12. Sure give something minor, but a major expansion free? That's just peoples deluded wish-making.

    CDPR is a company, and they're not going to give a DLC expansion on the levels of Blood and Wine for free, not with all the resources necessary for those expansions to be made.

  13. I pre-ordered this TWICE. Cancelled after it was delayed again in April 2020, seemed problematic and iffy. And it was! Re-pre-ordered for December release. For PS4 no less. Beat it and only just went back to it to see if it got better. But the updates are lacking. Give me 3rd person option. A bunch of gear I can never see unless I ride a motorcycle? Unique weapon paint jobs? Can't really see them. Update away CDPR. 3rd person would make it look like a graphic novel at times. No Man's Sky did it. CDPR can do it. It was touted as Epic and born mediocre. Fix it already.

  14. It should be possible to add lifepaths, especially since they don't really make a significant difference in this game.

    The big problem is asking for money after selling a defective product that is still not completely repaired.


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