Cyberpunk 2077 – Jackie and V Crime Montage [4K 60FPS]

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Gosh I love this game so much already, its not perfect and pretty buggy but I love the atmosphere and gameplay.

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33 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Jackie and V Crime Montage [4K 60FPS]”

  1. Man I was so unconvinced, I ran off from the story as soon as it let me – only to be called every minute by some random gang leader / used car salesmen who just happens to know I'm walking on their turf.

  2. Had we be able to participate in this content, the game would have probably took 10 years for development considering 30 hours of game play took them 8

  3. This is why the game sucks, this is real, this is how good it looks and how good it feels and being ripped out of that immersion constantly gives you whiplash.

  4. This should’ve been playable. I remember watching the trailers and being excited to explore night city with Jackie, but it mislead me. There needs to be an expansion where we get to experience it.

  5. I sat in the back of the car for about 15 minutes just staring at him. The whole scene really hit me and I barely knew the guy. Really well acted role. Imagine what it would have felt like if you actually got to do all the stuff in this montage? Would of been game of the year. Hopefully CDPR takes this as a lesson and grows from it.


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