CYBERPUNK 2077 FREE ROAM – Exploring Night City, V's Apartment, Rampage & More! Free Roam Gameplay

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Cyberpunk 2077 free roam gameplay ps4, xbox one, ps5, xbox series x, pc – exploring night city, v’s apartment, weapons, driving vehicles and vehicle customization, underwater exploration and more! for more cyberpunk 2077 free roam gameplay open world on ps4, xbox one, xbox series x, ps5, pc – and character creator, weapons, vehicles, exploration and more – subscribe!

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Cyberpunk 2077 free roam gameplay in night city exploration, underwater, rampage, NPCs, V’s apartment and more! New cyberpunk 2077 gameplay ps4, xbox one, xbox series x, ps5, pc.


34 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 FREE ROAM – Exploring Night City, V's Apartment, Rampage & More! Free Roam Gameplay”

  1. I beat it today on PC and it was overhyped like crazy. It flopped imo. I waited seven years. I remember seeing the trailer for this back in high school like 7 years ago. I was happier when i knew less about the game. The more i found out about it, i got worried but i gave it a shot and im disappointed. DLC and updates wont fix it for me. The base game is lacking in so much.

  2. If you dl’d the game on day one or even dl’d the preorder and installed early as I did, that included the day one patch. So you’d be all set. They’ll release more updates though and often as this is a large game. Game is huge, and awesome, so I can see why it took so long to make. They could have waited for a smoother game but people just scream so much about delays they almost had to release it as is. Can’t wait to see the next gen version as well when they release that next year. Something about smashing a window and stealing a car as you toss thw driver out that can hold me over until GTA 6. I only had stats to steal smart cars, low level cars, and a bike though.

  3. So is there truly a lot of free-roam/rpg etc in this game or is it more 'do this mission, then go here, then go here' like the modern deus ex games? And is the world actually interesting to go explore or does it feel empty?

  4. GTA rip-off! Like, showering with your clothes on?? watching crappy commercials on tv? 2 collored water? This game is indeed overhyped and no you don't need to play this to know it is overhyped…

  5. Rockstar cooking for us something big. this game is example why we didn't see a new gta on this generation they are fucking pros
    They waited for next gen come out.
    I can feel it, gta6 around the corner.


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