Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Get Iconic Katana Tsumetogi

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Cyberpunk 2077 How To Get Iconic Katana Tsumetogi

1) First Complete The Main Story “Double Life”
2) This Main Story Unlock Side Job – “Ex Factor”
3) Complete The “Ex Factor” Side Job
4) Wait a day Or Skip Time to Unlock a Side Job (Talking Bout A Revolution)
5) Complete The “Talking Bout A Revolution” Side Job
6) Wait a day Or Skip Time to Unlock a Side Job (Pisces)
7) Follow The “Pisces” Side Job Until You Not Reach Objective “Join the Meeting”
8) Take A Katana From Table

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21 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Get Iconic Katana Tsumetogi”

  1. I'm almost done with the game and "Ex-Factor" won't show up. The side mission with the vending machine bot appears in this place, even though I've finished it. It tells me there's a mission here I can't do….

  2. ALERT: PC Players beware. Unlike this playstation gameplay, the sword is inspectable and lootable when you enter the room. If you inspect the sword its dps is set. If you keep away from the sword until after the mission the swords dps is upgraded. For me when i did this mission when i entered the room the dps was 284 or something. once the meeting is resolved (after reloading and not inspecting the katana) when i go to pick up the katana the dps is now 500 something.

  3. The red suit guy drops the thermal katana , safe before kill him that how i get it , you need to make them put out the katana then when fighting then kill him . On min 4:02 you can see the thermal katana then go to your inventory and look if is says thermal dmg .


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