Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Boost FPS & Increase Overall Performance

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A short tutorial on how to boost your FPS and increase your overall performance when playing Cyberpunk 2077 on your PC.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:15 – In-Game Settings
2:52 – Task Manager
3:50 – Game Bar
4:16 – Update GPU
5:02 – Update OS
5:17 – NVIDIA Control Panel
5:53 – Graphics System Settings
6:42 – Delete Temp Files


44 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Boost FPS & Increase Overall Performance”

  1. Playing at 1680×900 resolution and low settings helps to get over 60fps, but is a horrible experience visually. Usually I can play at 1080p/1440p with high/ultra. What a poorly optimized game, horrible launch, sigh.. sad.

  2. I would suggest doing this!!!!

    I got to the point where I updated windows and now my pc says “there was a problem starting restart” constantly…..could just be my rig but I wouldn’t suggest messing with it

  3. I did this and the game looks great but one small and really weird problem, my aduio seems to be bugged it has this popping static sound it's faint but I head it the whole time any sounds is playing. and one else got this weird problem?

  4. This game has bad low res blur and makes the game look average at best. Been playing The division 2 at 4k on ultra and it looks sharp and pretty. Cyberpunk at 4k with mostly max settings but RTX turned off looks dull and blurry, not sharp and crisp whatsoever. The witcher 3 had better visuals than this…disappointed so far.

  5. My fps was terrible at first but then followed the first step in this video and simple changed the value setting to my refresh rate and now I play with everything high at around 60-80 fps. Using RTX 2060 Super.

  6. So your “ How to boost fps “ technique is asking people to play in a smaller screen, why bother get a nice screen if you have a shit box ? That’s not a technique at all, why yall watching this bull shit, get a good computer, get RTX 30 series, if you can’t afford it then go work harder

  7. * Please pin this so some people get helped out. Go to Nvidia GeForce Experience and click optimize on Cyberpunk 2077. For some magical fucking reason I can manage 60 FPS usually in the city using this. Optimization is so fucking bad and hope we get a patch very quickly.

  8. people with mid tier (at best) PC hardware complaining they can't run this game, which is really designed to run on next gen hardware, on max ultra settings is adorable.
    this is this gen's crysis; no you probably can't run it at max everything, that's kinda the point.

    PS: I have a 3090 and i still need to use certain performance enhancements to get it over 60 fps at max settings so don't worry about it if you have to run this on low settings.

  9. My pc plays gta and Witcher 3 perfectly so I thought it was pretty great. this video fixed all the lag I was experiencing in game. Runs much better now thanks. GTX 970


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