Cyberpunk 2077 Has Done The Impossible Today! Just Wow…All New Updates!

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Update – Cyberpunk 2077 has gone onto do the impossible despite intense launch issues on last gen consoles. We’re also going to talk about Sony’s brand new stance against third person developers on PS4 and PS5.

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31 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Has Done The Impossible Today! Just Wow…All New Updates!”

  1. To be honest I have been playing the game on base PS4 and only encountered 4 bugs that stopped my progress but they were fixed with one reload maby IM a exception but other that the many graphic problems which IM used to coming from other buggy games but just saying I think the hype is making it seem a bit worse than it is

  2. I think Sony is just being lazy about not wanting to issue refunds. I'm betting that's the number one issue for them for pulling the game. Cause look at the wannabe hentai jank they put out all the time, but since they don't own this and can't turn people down for refunds, they are banning the game.

  3. Im still planning to buy the game but have theperformance issues been fixed Already I only have a 1070 (which is recommended) and from what I saw it cant run the game at 1080p60

  4. I finished the game last week on PC and have to say I had minimal issues. The story was great and I cannot wait what they will do in the DLCs. That being said, I could totally imagine this Cyberpunk having a Borderlands co-op-style endgame.

  5. So, this gameplay is on a heafty PC while using a controller right?. My Pro is decent (playable mostly) and my buddies PS5 plays smoother but not as smooth as this, yet.. I don't think PS4 graphics will reach this, PS5 upgrade will, but hopefully this smoothly.. I'm just trying to finish my 1st playthrough and wait till after January and February updates before my 2nd and 3rd playthroughs.. Soo, yeah??

  6. I'm not defending the game in any way it's got it's up and down for sure and definitely needs improvements. But this is what happens when a massive game get over-hyped by 100 different youtuber/promoters posting 2-3 videos/articles a week paraphrasing comments the devs said months ago. Like "In this article developer (insert name) Says …. So here's what I think you can expect when you get you hands on cyberpunk". without saying the fact that they've got no idea what to expect. As there not working on the game.

  7. When i watch the phisic videos on youtube where they compare cyberpunk vs RdR2 or GTA 5 then i can see that this game is a joke… how can you have fun roaming arround the city (as many says in the comments) when the physics and details are so damn bad compared to the love rockstar put in their games?? Cyberpunk doesnt feel alive at all… and i can tell this from only watching videos…

  8. So CDPR Lies to investors and consumers dozens of times over the last 8 years, yet everyone still believe them when they report sales figures with no evidence or stats..OK..

    Ill believe this when its verified by more than CDPR. Have we all forgotten all the sketchy headlines around TLOU2 , that conveniently stooped saying anything about sales after the first 3 days,.

  9. I hope this ushers in a new era of integrity driven game advertising and launches. Hoping that this will be a serious enough penalty that releasing a game before It is finished will no longer be a viable option to game execs. I’m hopeful but with that being said this could also have unforeseen and unintended consequences like game developers being less ambitious and choosing to play it safe rather then attempt to be ground breaking in order to meet these timelines.

  10. I still don't get what the big fuss is. I'm playing it on a bare bones PS4 and I am not having any major issues. If I play 6-8 hours, I might (repeat: MIGHT) crash once. I might get 1/2 second lags when I cross from one territory to another. So Effing what? I get problems like that from other games, and I don't hear hordes of screaming, whiny bitches complaining about those other games. RDR2 and Dying Light are the two that spring to mind. The graphics are fine. Sure I have watched PC play throughs that look a little bit better. But I'm not playing the game to count pores on my face in a puddle on the street, or grains of sand blowing by in a sandstorm. I don't want my money back, and if anyone tries taking this game from me… Well me and Skippy might just have something to say about that.

  11. I restarted the game and kept choosing all the worst dialogue options and I realized no matter what you say (apart from the ending sequence) it doesn’t really change the story at all


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