Cyberpunk 2077: Glitches & Bugs Compilation Part 1 (NO COMMENTARY)

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This video and the ones to follow were made possible by Michael Does Life. Cyberpunk 2077 seemingly does not come even close to running smoothly or the …


47 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: Glitches & Bugs Compilation Part 1 (NO COMMENTARY)”

  1. It's like they took a bunch of College students from Developer 101 class on the first year of College and made the game with them as a final class grade.
    Good but well…

  2. This game should have been only on PC and later on next gen systems, but since they developed this thing for more than 8 years, the game has to cover these costs and the only way is to release it everywhere, broken or not. Their reputation is declining.

  3. The fact that there's a few 20+ min glitch videos for a game that had the biggest release day on pc is deeply concerning I will remove this from my cart…I mean yaw know how the "lastgens" work half of the hype came from witcher and they still mucked it up

  4. I have bug since a couple of mission where there is no dialogue!!! i mean i can chioose the dialogues and the subtitles will show up as if the caracters are speaking, but there is no talking and no lips moving. it ruins the immersion. does anybody have a solution pls


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