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30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Expansion”

  1. Not shocked and CP2077 is the last game I get from CDPR. They could of made a completely ground breaking game, instead they released a hot mess and did not live up to the initial reply post release.

  2. :C so only 1 expansion….
    Am i the only person who can see the true potential of cyberpunk world ??? Honestly dumping such a good base for future content seems dumb, there is so many possibilites to expand lore of the game into.
    Let's just hope that this expansion will be big enoguh to satisfy our needs.

  3. Imagine if they had worked with unreal engine from the start, the game should had a different impact and launch, also the moddin' community is more open to that engine.
    I guess the next cyberpunk title with unreal engine will have a nice launch.

  4. Well, RIP Cyberpunk… 🙁
    I doubt CDPR doesn't see the potential the game has, the dedicated fan base that loves the game, the tons of people who just love the Cyberpunk genre. I think that means just one thing, the game is so crappy at its core (engine), it's just not financially feasible to salvage it. 1.5 was the end of the damage control, the expansion will be a little something not to let the fans down completely and that's that – The End. A very sad day, I love the game… Hopefully the modding community will keep the game alive until we see another Cyberpunk game, this time hopefully running on a good engine. After seeing how janky the red engine is, the move to Unreal Engine is a good move.

  5. Please tell me they did not lie to us again because they said that cyber punk 2077 would gethen would get no less than the same of amount of DLC's and expansions . Also please tell me that they are going to allow modding for consoles for this game. If they lie to us again And don't make it worth it. I don't know about you all but I will be done with CD project read

  6. It's really sad but expected and understandable
    I hope that the franchise will have a comeback in the future, this game is truly one of a kind and a gem

  7. this is really depressing. hopefully they will tie up any lose ends by an anime or something to cover any future expansions they may have had planned. put the anime in first person view…. idk. im grasping straws to try and tell myself it will be okay. yeah "no one gets a happy ending in the cyberpunk genre". but in this day and age i think we all thirst for happy endings and closure cause we have enough sadness in the real world.

  8. Oh, no. This feels like a kick in the guts. I'm definitely not buying the expansion at release, and I will be taking the promotional content with a grain of salt (I've had enough over-hype with this game, it's been almost a decade since the teaser).
    I wish they'll give the game a massive expansion at least, but I feel this kind of ruins any hope I had left about the future of the game and CDPR ☹

  9. obviously cant promise anything, but they DID say theyre fully committed to both the witcher and cyberpunk as their two flagship titles. with how much money theyve dropped into the project, i hella doubt theyre just abandoning the game. this expansion will be the last in the REDengine, which doesnt mean itll be the last little piece of night city we'll ever get. might be a bit optimistic, but i can see a multiplayer cyberpunk existing in a few years, be it the late 2020's or even the 2030's.

  10. The expansion will be postponed again until the end of 2023 to make a single big expansion, and then the study will focus on The Magic boy & his babes.

    Sorry Meredith, you deserved more content.

  11. I’m grateful to enjoy this game 1.52 With luxury’s apartments, romance and little extra cute things . The game runs like poetry on my Series X. I rather not complain, Just to enjoy because I’m truly am happy.
    And sho knows truly what they might have behind closed doors? I will buy this expansion because I believe they change up to positive outcomes. I refuse to complain like a fanatic maelstrom.

    Thank you for the update to this game that changed things up positively, at least for me.
    Now back to my Play-through of CP2007✌🏼


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