CYBERPUNK 2077 Ending Rooftop Music | Johnny Silverhand Ambient OST

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Welcome to Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City! Come up to the rooftop with Johnny Silverhand as the two of you decide your fate. This is a looping, 1 hour extended mix of the end music that plays during the final decision scene, part i features rooftop ambience, and part ii is a clean version of the music.

This ambient video is perfect for a variety of uses: some music to aid your focus while you study, to help you immerse in a particular scene for writing or art, some background audio to help you sleep, or to simply sit and watch.

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Sounds in this ambience include:
Cyberpunk 2077 OST
Johnny Silverhand Music
Wind sounds (chapter i)
Ships flying overhead (chapter i)

0:00 ambience
30:22 no ambience

Thank you.

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41 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 Ending Rooftop Music | Johnny Silverhand Ambient OST”

  1. I appreciate your work.
    But this precise song and setting…
    Bring back memories of a hard choice.
    Made over and over.
    To see all possible outcomes.
    Trying to find the better one.
    Realizing that there is no best.
    Only how much we sacrifice.
    Who gets to live.
    Who gets to die.
    This song represents sacrifices I am not willing to make, but that must be done…

  2. We've all seen the "Relic – Secure your Soul" advertisement.
    But under the Arasaka building, did you all notice there's a sign saying "Brain Wash" :O

  3. Just, what would I do without your videos?
    For 3 months and a half they have accompanied my slow progress.
    Now it's time to put 5 final points to this adventure. (but apparently there are 6 😅)

  4. If you got invested into the story, did every possible sidequest, and completley cleaned up the map prior to this moment, that talk between Johnny and V on that rooftop carries even more weight, because you are in fact getting to reflect and think of everything you did in this game up to this point…

    Ppl complain that choices barely mattered in this game, but it's here where your choice carriest the ultimate weight, you went through the journey, you met all those characters, got close to them, and did it all in spite of having the clock ticking down against you, and it's now here, where based on your whole experience that you have to decide… How do you want this to end…?

    It's been a while since having one pre-finale dialogue in a game story hit me this hard…

  5. I remember my first playthrough. I was on this scene just enjoying the view, immersed in V's world and head to an extent. Everything Johnny said, ever since he and V spoke in Pacifica was spot on. This game knows how to make you think about your decision at the end. In my second playthrough, I went with Hanako's plan, and regret even wanting to see what it was. Johnny spoke more truth in our last meeting, but he ends it off with "Remember when Dex asked you if you'd want to die either living a quiet life, or in a blaze of glory? It's a damn shame you chose wrong.". I was shook

  6. Favorite parts about this whole environment have to be the lit-up Arasaka sign, The "Secure your Soul" Ad, and the "Brain Wash" neon sign above the Ad.

    Just love this because clearly, they thought this whole part out.

  7. Let the haters hate this game, for me and many others it's a masterpiece, a great story, awesome graphics with RTX and ultra details, hope for Cyberpunk 2 anytime, maybe in 3077, that would be great 🙂

  8. It'd always bothered me that all Johnny could say to V was that it was nice working with them???! Like, they'd gone on to be like one person, essentially.; the best of friends. But then he just says that?!
    I dunno. I should pick my battles but this is just kind've upsetting to me lol

  9. This story was a fucking masterpiece and anyone that argues otherwise is dead-fucking-wrong.

    The whole "decisions matter" is such a trite overblown pile of garbage complaint, no game has ever had decisions matter except for extremely specific projects (Undertale), and then when people find out the secret ending has some very specific decisions to get, they bitch about it.

    Circa 1.52 when I bought the game, I have encountered almost no bugs. A few weird graphical hiccups here and there, but hardly anything that qualifies as "this is broken."

  10. My ending was afterlife so V could become a legend. I am all about dreams and ambitions but I did this ending only with Johhny so Rogue and Soul are alive.

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