Cyberpunk 2077 Early Access Impressions

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Video contains spoilers for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077

A discussion about Cyberpunk 2077 and Developer CD Projekt Red. We felt that doing a formal review would be hard since the game has been steadily receiving updates and it’s quite clear by a lot of the fixes contained within these updates that Cyberpunk 2077 is still in development. Several problems we had with the game have already been fixed so instead of doing a review for Cyberpunk we instead decided to just talk about our initial experiences with the game. We also decided to try and focus in on problems that we had that could not easily be fixed with a hotfix update. We also wanted to make a point of talking about a lot of the good things in the game and how CDPR still does a lot of those better than many AAA studios. Hope you all enjoy and let us know down below what you think about Cyberpunk 2077. Thanks for watching everyone! Love, Jax & Chubbz



5 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Early Access Impressions”

  1. I think there is a semantic issue at hand with the "illusion of choice",it is always an illusion in every game ever,not in a sens that the choice ain`t there and that there aren`t consequences to that chocie but in a sens that those choices are always limited to the frames set by the developers.Lets say someone wanted to pursue Keira as a romantic lead or really connected with Ves in the 2nd Witcher game and wanted to pursue her in the 3rd game…well not gonna happen because that goes outside of those frames set by the devs,as a player you will always be on one of the paths set for you,the broader those frames,the deeper and more immersive the experience but always limited by those frames,in that sens it is an illusion.

    Now on CyberPunk ,boy oh boy did that company took couple of bad turns…there was 1 time I can recall some woke jurno asked the devs if he could make his character gay and the response was "No.Geralt is already existing character,he is the way he is and we are not going to chage it".That was the only time I can recall them even adressing any of that stuff.Lets fast forward to development of CyberPunk,they had people designated to answering questions like "how long the dong`s gonna be", "can my character be trans"…all of that jazz,they had devs making videos of how not racist the company is and so on and so on.On their hiring page they had a full statement of how much they want the company to become "multi-cultural" and lo and behold not long later they made a statement saying they are not a Polish company but a "multi-national"one

    Now some time ago you made a tweet saying this game doesnt feel like it was made by the same people as The Witcher,well it wasn`t.The focus of this company has been at the very least divided between development of this project and building this "woker" image.They didnt acted nor sounded like the same company,I don`t want to put blame on any of the individual people working on the project but when a company bluntly states that they are looking for "diversity-hires"….

    I dont think or claim that answers all of the issues or even half of them but it certainly is an interesting piece of the puzzle.

  2. Completely agree with this video. One of the most disappointing parts for me is how they botched the characters. They make these complex, intricate characters with depth and personality, characters I thought were incredibly well done. I was like, “Wow, I’m really looking forward to getting to know these characters and interacting with them throughout the story.”

    And then they die. All but the romance-able characters die in the first few hours, even the romance-able ones leave the city or disappear depending on the choices you make during their quest lines. And even if they stick around it’s just the same 3 lines of dialogue. Once in a blue moon they’ll have one or two lines commenting on your story progression then back to the same 3 lines. You spend like 85% of the game alone.

    I just thought to myself what the hell?! I was looking forward to their character development and watching them grow alongside V. Doing gigs with them, even taking on gigs from them. Helping them out, and having them help me. Not necessarily as companions like in Fallout or Elder Scrolls, but woven into the story. It was such a missed opportunity, and it’s something that can’t be fixed with a patch.

    Being a fan of the original Cyberpunk tabletop game from 1988, and the Cyberpunk genre as a whole, this felt contradictory to the source material. Yeah they probably wanted to illustrate how it’s a cold, cruel, corporate world, but there were much better ways to do that than to kill off all the characters within the first few hours and have you spend the rest of the 100 or so hours it may take you to see everything this game has to offer by yourself. I didn’t feel like I was a part of Night City. I felt like everything was happening around me. No matter how many gang members I killed, no matter how many gigs I took kicking corporations in the nuts, nothing ever changed. I felt as isolated as Johnny did in my head. This game could have been so much more, without straining your graphics card.

    CDPR has lost sight of what makes an RPG an RPG. There’s a reason that games like Balder’s Gate are still popular to this day despite their horribly aged graphics and game mechanics. It’s the gods damned story.


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