Cyberpunk 2077 Crashing on Load Screen Fixed!

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Cyberpunk 2077 Crashing on Load Screen Fixed! – A quick Cyberpunk 2077 vid going over how to fixing Cyberpunk 2077 crashing on load for Nvidia Cards. Right off the Cyberpunk 2077 download I ran into an issue where after character creation Cyberpunk 2077 was crashing and then would fail to load after the crash. Luckily I was able to stop/fix the Cyberpunk 2077 crashing error by simply updating my Nvidia drivers. Its a simple fix but if you’re like me I paniced the second I saw the game wasn’t loading. Hope this helps! Now back into Night City

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38 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Crashing on Load Screen Fixed!”

  1. This doesn't help, the game crashes regardless of what nvidia patch I have. Everyones talking about the GOG startup crash but no one is talking about this one when its effecting alot of steam players.

  2. Me I'm fairly pissed the game keeps crashing on me Within 5 to 10 seconds when being in game I'm doing the nomad and jack can't even get in the car without it crashing I really hate when things like this happen

  3. Anyone elses game doesnt load and screen goes black? I died in the game first time and the game went black when reloading from checkpoint. I shut the game down and restarted it, and never been able to load my game again. Black screen on loading screen

    Also i have the cyberpunk update for nvidia

  4. Thanks for the video but this doesn't fix my problem, my game crash to desktop when i'm creating my character so i can't even enter in the game and all my drivers are already updated.
    I hope that CD Project Red release a new patch to fix this issues, but to be honest this happen too with Red Dead Redemption 2 and it's famous "GFX State Error" so the quality control of the PC games in the last 2 years has been a total disaster.

  5. What I noticed is that if I even go into the settings menu in the game it will crash the game when it loads and on startup. This is a game breaking bug.
    My fix is to delete the userSettings.json file under AppData/local/CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077.

    For me the game will not run if I change any setting or even go into the settings menu.

  6. I have the same problem as you. With the difference that when the game crashes, my monitor resets because the nvidia drivers crash and then repair. When the screen turns on I can see the desktop and a wonderful message that CP77 flatline. I downloaded the latest drivers for the GTX 1080 and it didn't change anything. I have reinstalled them and it doesn't work either. I have to wait for nvidia to fix its mistake which occurs due to their laziness because I don't want to believe that they are already ignoring the 4-year-old 10th series of their cards. I know that the game is not in perfect condition, but when an important game has its premiere, graphics card manufacturers release special drivers and in this case they have not checked their stability on all graphics cards.

  7. If you're talking updating to 460.79 then great, I updated to 460.89 recently and it crashed every time I loaded my game (not launching, only when I selected load or continue in menu), so I downgraded back to 460.79 and working again. Good luck to cdpr in the lawsuit 😂

  8. On PS5. Only way it’s workings is this
    1. Uninstall game
    2. Reinstall and cancel the patch update
    3. Playing on no patches but it works
    Just happy it’s the game and not the console
    Please comment if anyone has any luck with ps5

  9. fresh windows 10 installation, latest driver NVIDIA, latest Mainboard Chipset Drivers, totally new installed Cyberpunk 2077 (GOG – overlay disabled), XMP profile in Bios disabled (no overclocking at all). Guess what? It keeps crashing. 970GTX, I5-4670k, 16gb DDR3

  10. With me if you leave the loading screen on where it says press space bar or b button on controller to continue after it loads but stays on the screen that's the only time I've had a crash


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