Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats – Infinite Health (Cheat Engine Tutorial / Trainer)

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Description: In this video, I demonstrate how to give yourself infinite health! This video involves a bit more advanced hackery, so if you’d rather just download the cheat table to use, you can get that below!

Cheat Engine:
My Cheat Tables:

And finally, if you’re a beginner who is interested in learning Cheat Engine, I have a vast tutorial series that will take you from beginner to advanced, no matter how much of a beginner you are! Here’s a link to that playlist:

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33 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats – Infinite Health (Cheat Engine Tutorial / Trainer)”

  1. Getting more advanced in this one, but plenty more tutorials to come over the next couple of days. Check the video description for the download to the cheat table that I'm continuously updating throughout this video series! Hope you enjoy. =)

  2. Why use "access" the address as opposed to what you did with inifinite ammo, and simply NOP whatever writes to it, thereby locking your health? Would it be because there are many things that write to it?

  3. Hey Stephen. Great script btw. However, when I activate the infinite health tab, I also make my enemies seemingly invincible too. For instance, during the militech combat training by t-bug, no matter how long I fire, the robot doesnt die. also, in another case, during the beat on the brat, kabuki, I'm fighting the twins endlessly. Anybody else experiencing this situation?

  4. Lol i came looking for infinite health glitch…. To see how i did it because in the Transmission quest after coming out of the net i now appear with 0 hp but i never die…. Crazy glitches in this game

  5. Wish I could use cyberpunk cheats on my old xboxone its 6 years old police killing me alot attacking them with weapons can kill some police after killing police 3 more appear by magic shooting me alot damaging me looseing lots of health only way I escaped police after killing 3 police is to run away hide in buildings hide on top of buildings and call your vehicle get in vehicle fast drive off fast police dont drive after you one time I had lots of police shooting me ran away got in my car trying to drive off police killed me in my car cyberpunk is a bad crap broken game buggy glitchy floating items things stuff on screen invisible guns driveing in car was a passenger in car trying to use shotgun didn't work because it was invisible I'm steven from uk I'm midriffironman on xboxone xboxlive

  6. Great Tutorial I love Learning this stuff jumping from game to game just to make scripts just because I can I enjoy doing it .I still scratch my head here and there jumping Channels from you and Chris Fayte from Cheat the Game..still a beginner tough wish I could accomplish What you guys do…I have one question tough, how do I know the offset i choose is static because I write the script for inf health and it works 100% but when I quit my game the script doesn't work anymore if you would be so kind to point me to the right direction for a video or some advice would be much appreciated

    Greetings all the way from South Africa ..

  7. Stephen, can u make a tutorial for get unlimited health in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? I just can found the values from health in 4 bytes value type, but nothing happen when i change the values.

  8. At this time with 1.31 patch, the health is not the displayed value, but a percentage of the max value.
    For example when my health is equal to my max health (500 for example) , i have to search for value 100. But if my health is at 250, i have to search walue 50 (in float).


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