Cyberpunk 2077 Adam Smasher – Patch 1.5

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Cyberpunk 2077 Adam Smasher – Patch 1.5 – Kazuliski


25 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Adam Smasher – Patch 1.5”

  1. It felt like you should not get hurt in that spot near the end of the clip, it felt like this should have been script but it is not, It felt like they are trying to have DLC but discover they are short on time, it felt like they fuck up the game very badly, it felt like they seriously screw up the game in one big fuck up way, it felt like they were on cocaine and didn't realize how powerful "short circuit" is/cheat overkill would just change and fuck up the story good there, it felt like they forgot their original script and have to fucking change it.

    Yes sorry saying "it felt like" but cyberpunk fucking glitch my fucking brain full of dislogic before the patch come for they gave me brain damage, they all screw my brain to actually write things properly for while. At the time being, if I ever write a damn script, I would have made sure ( Warning Spoiler Alert ) V stay alive because it is based on him, not the virus that is going kill him because V for it sound like everyone lazy parent giving a name to their kids and doesn't give a fuck. I would have changed the story about for writing the damn script it should go

    – V is dieing from uncurable virus
    – multiple options is should be wider and not extremely narrow
    + Original Chose A: V die normal cyborg/cyberman/woman = bad ending that same lead to same option the dev did

    + Option B: V figure out how to "escape death's grasp" by turning himself android
    ~ Option B2: V turn himself android for he settled his/her family to raise
    / Option B2A: V about turn himself android but fail to upload himself but it was Sliver hand/enemy boss/es
    / Option B2B: V successfully turn himself into an android but accidentally release a hoard of psychopath androids
    / Option B2C: V successfully turn himself android also save others who is innocent was stuck in thumb drives as they become normal citizen androids
    ~Option B3: V Successfully turn himself into an android but rule night city with an iron fist
    / Option B3A: V android version rules the night city with an iron fist but cares his/her families and friends
    / Option B3B: V android version rules the night city went to War against all countries
    / Option B3C: V android rules night city, control the net runner, and overthrows every country within a blink
    / Option B3D: V android rule but fail due to EMP bomb set off by secret organization.

    + Option C: V put himself in stasis to halt the virus until humanity find a cure for the virus
    + Option D: V get a normal human transplant to remove the virus and almost risk his own life
    + Option E: V Transfer his body to a host that is brain dead
    + Option F: V is close to death, he try to deny his death so many times and felt something wrong and felt something isn't real but really when he actually wakes up sort of like the matrix-like "how do you know you not living virtual world" for he gets out the machine that held him down as he gets out and stands up and realized he isn't in night city no more. (it would be an epic plot twist)
    + Option G: V was able to suppress the virus to live a long life, to have families and friends in night city

    There are so many options it could have gone through but save the rest of the fuck up versions.

  2. Imagine being Adam here where you're working with Yorinobu to frame the murder of his own father on two punks hiding in the big pillar but one of them instead just gos right up to you and fries all of you curcuitry so you retort by activating the defence turrets

  3. What they should do is make the game end like the same way Devil May Cry 5 ends. Give you the chance to beat Adam Smasher and if you beat him with almost nothing you get the special ending. Because Capcom was vary creative.

  4. I swear the smasher fight is so easy in reality like i fucking annihalated smasher with ease, like hes so weak, tho to be fair i was using a quickhack build and he was a robot (its his classification, makes sense in reality) so i just destroyed him, gon fight him again but instead spam suicide to see what happens

  5. has anyone thought about what would happen if Jackie kept the chip in his head? he would return to life with Johnny who hates Adam Smasher, while Jackie sees Smasher as a Night City legend… how would Jackie and Johnny's relationship develop?

  6. I like Adam Smasher from way back in 2020 and earlier. He was the counterpart to Morgan Blackhand, what you get when some Arasaka guys get an almost-unlimited budget and don't care how psychotic their murder-machine ends up. Instead of Blackhand's ideals of skill and will, Smasher favors hardware and chrome.

    Smasher was dragged in with barely his brain left working and was offered a deal. Sign a long-term contract as an Arasaka indentured trooper or get dumped on the street as a brain in a wheelchair. He took the deal and they spent ludicrous amounts on fixing him up. He doesn't mind the deal at all, Arasaka keeps giving him new tools and don't mind how many hundreds of collateral casualties he causes when they unleash him.

    Adam Smasher has one single use. Arasaka points him at stuff and people they want wrecked and he wrecks it along with anything in the way. Smasher was already completely psychotic in 2020.


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