Cyberpunk 2077 – A postmortem of 2020's biggest game

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After years of uncontrolled hype public opinion has now turn to hate but is Cyberpunk 2077 as bad as people say?

Introduction – 0:00
Part One: Spider Swarms – 09:14
Part Two: Of RPGs and Witchers – 16:57
Part Three: One game to rule them all – 43:06
Part Four: Looking for a story to save me – 1:13:58
Conclusion – 1:38:13
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43 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – A postmortem of 2020's biggest game”

  1. Deep life lessons in game development and team work.—- Improvement for CyberPunk : Fix bugs of course. Also add humor and add character like Ricky Berwick, Bad-Ass, who knows Cybernetics firsthand. Ricky got a new fancy quad-cycler, and new cyber glasses, enhanced synthesis fuel of chocolate – peanut microbe carbs; and unusual new techno, and who knows what else. So, the CyperPunk Universe can benefit from Ricky with his unique badass style, who could help the struggling sim / game. — Ricky knows first hand about Cyber Enhancements to help a crippled body. Also, there are not enough handicap people who are represented in that sim / game (presently). So, the sim / game needs someone like Ricky, so the sim/ game should try to introduce a character like him for a combination of humor and new adventures of epic proportions. Just think of how you can either align with the new Ricky in CyberPunk, or become his rival, or possibly play the character to become either Good, Bad, Funny, Dynamic, or Always in Quasi-Danger, or in another path. Ricky in Cyberpunk can make the sim / game go into a whole new direction and set a new future of CyberPunk Dynamics of Enabled Handicap Bad Assess! — Ricky video here – . LOL KEK LOL KEK

  2. This video is certainly a fresh breath of air over the endless diarrhea of videos that jump on the negativity train for easy clickbait. The internet thrives on negativity, after all. You however summed up pretty much every one of my thoughts on this game perfectly. It's definitely flawed and janky, but that still makes it a diamond in the rough. I can't help but feel that people overhyped this game up to be something it never promised itself to be, which in turn results in people putting its flaws under a magnifying glass whereas they otherwise would have been taken for granted like in most other games. Even The Witcher 3 was buggy and flawed when first released, so I have every confidence that this game will age like a fine wine. Even if some of its jank will never be fully patched away.

  3. I'm so hapy i ended up opening this video after all, seeing the title. I'm so tired of hate videos on this game.

    Thank you so much for such a thorough, well-researched, deep review. Your voice and a pace you speak with is very pleasant, the way you utilized the soundtrack from the game is also really nice. And everything, and I mean it, literally everything you said were my thoughts exactly. Best review out there, if I could smash like 1000 times, i would. Solid work, thanks!

  4. This is a good video, but the whole "RPG or not" point felt like a huge strawman argument. Nobody's arguing that Witcher 3 is a better RPG, the general consensus on the internet is that it's pretty bad at allowing you to roleplay because Geralt is a pre-written character. You're not playing a Witcher you created, you're playing THE Witcher. So you need to be limited to shallow role playing options because only choices Geralt himself would consider can be allowed.

    Cyberpunk is based on a tabletop game and V is a player-created character, so naturally people expected to be able to mold them as they please. The only aspect that's forced on you is your name, and that's because NPCs need to be able to address you in dialogue. You bring up combat, but that's the shallowest level on which you could role play. "Am I going to cut this guy in half with my katana from stealth?" or "Am I going to blow this guy's head off with my huge gun?" is not really a deep choice, and while it certainly increases replayability, it's not something that makes a game a good RPG. It's about shaping your character the way you want them to be as a person, making meaningful decisions based on their personality and molding them into your own. Cyberpunk has little to none of that.

    Your entire point centers on the fact that no matter what CDPR promised, we should've looked at their previous games and concluded that Cyberpunk won't be a good RPG solely based on that. And that it shouldn't be compared to other RPGs, only the Witcher, to determine whether it actually is an RPG. I'm sorry, but that's such a ridiculous statement to make.

  5. "It's not anything nefarious or sinister. It's not 'the systemic flaws of capitalism' or 'woman developers ruining my video game' or sabotage from within the company." NKB doing the Lord's Work again

  6. "Witcher is not an RPG so calling cyberpunk, a game with a little bit more RPG elements, not an RPG is stupid"
    Your logic is flawed. It's either an RPG or an action game with RPG elements (which Witcher 3 and cyberpunk both are). You're no better than all those dumb people and obvious trolls by thinking you have some sort of high ground by being "smarter than them". The only reason I comment is because I hope you stop smelling your own farts of superiority and think objectively.

  7. Rpg doesn't mean anything anymore. A genre where you can include Baldur's Gate, Genshin Impact and Borderlands is useless to say the least.

    I think the problem is that, for some reason, players have come to take the category "rpg" as a quality stamp, instead of what it should be, a description. I've had people really mad at me when I told them that The Witcher 3 was a mediocre rpg. Even if I told them that I thought that it was a great game, just not that great as an rpg, they were more offended that if I had insulted their mother.

  8. 1:40:23 "…but I have to wonder, what everyone expected?"

    Everyone expected what was advertised, nothing more. And if you advertise your game world as the "most ambitious and immersive open world ever created", you better beat or at least match Rockstar's latest worlds – they failed to beat even GTA from 1997 in some aspects, as you mentioned. Please, don't take this "it's the consumer's fault for believing in the words and game showcases of the developer" approach. It's absolute bullsh*t.

    1:40:30 "…but you're out of your mind if you expected something with the level of immersion and attention to detail as Rockstar's recent efforts on top of all of the features you'd expect from a modern AAA RPG"

    Again, that's how the game was advertised. Modern AAA RPG's don't have deep or complex features (The Witcher 3, for example), so it was perfectly realistic to expect exactly that from a AAA game 8 years in development (about as long as RDR2) – A game world with at least near-Rockstar level immersion and detail, with some of the action-adventure elements thrown out, and those AAA RP-Lite elements thrown in.

    At the very least, people expected a FUNCTIONING open world. This one can not be described as such, as it fails to meet even some basic standards that were set like two decades ago.

  9. I think the main reason people are saying it isn't an RPG is because traditionally there is two styles of RPG people associate with. You can see this in the two ways people play DND, you have those who wrap themselves up in their character, they try to become the character they forego options they themselves would make to be a character. Much like acting they find the thrill in becoming another person. This is like the game The Witcher, then you have the players that want to make themselves the character. They want to make choices they find amenable, they want to play as if they themselves were given the option to be snarky or nice. They tend don't care about limited dialogue choices or dialogue wheel as long as that wheel is telling them the effect they want to give off. (Fallout 3+4 /Dragon Age 2 + 3) The problem with CyberPunk is it comes off as a weird amalgamation trying to be too many things and not enough of either to satisfy either camp or player. Instead many find the weird middle ground to be too much like the games many of us are trying not to spend money on anymore in the hopes companies stop making games in this middle area. The RPG elements don't need to be combined, they can remain at far ends of the spectrum and delve deeper in depth to explore boundaries. I think many of us are trying to coax companies out of the shallow middle (safe area) and dare to be bolder in 1 direction.

  10. I play on ps5 and purposely waited to buy cyberpunk due to the issues. However the current issues i feel also help determine your play through.
    The only issue that for on the PS5 is crashing. I can bare the other issues the game has as they can be worked around at present. After 1.06 i feel the game is pretty workable. By no means its perfect but i dont feel the amount of hate is warranted.

  11. You really hit the nail on the head with the comparison between the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk! In Cyberpunk you can make your peepee small medium or big, you can play shooty shooty, hacky hacky or stealthy stealthy and the list goes on, where as in the Witcher 3 you can only be a witcher(!!!), what's up with that?! 96-1 to Cyberpunk!

    You imply people don't know the definition of an RPG but then later go on to criticize the very thing an RPG hinges on: its world. It doesn't matter how many boxes on a list a game checks off if the player is constantly pulled out of the experience. The character you're supposed to roleplay doesn't exist in a vacuum, they're a part of the world. How is this not immediately obvious?

    Anyway, I love your videos man, but this is just strawman after strawman. No one expected everything, the fanbase is not one person and it makes no sense to argue as if that's the case.

  12. I think the video is overall good but in the future I think you should avoid the arguments that go like "When people say X about Y…" or "These people that think X about Z. What are they talking about?"

    It isnt very entertaining or intellectually stimulating to listen to you present an argument that I dont have and then have to debunk that argument you presented.

    "Before Cyberpunk game out everyone was worried that it would be too much like GTA?"

    What? I have never heard/read that. And personally if I did why wouldn't I want it to be like GTA? This is anecdotal but you said everybody, am I not everybody? Please leave phrases like this out.
    Present your videos with faith in your material rather than resort to creating arguments for yourself to debunk. That's dangerously close to strawmanning.

    Otherwise great video, disagree with you but great.

  13. Great content as always. I agree with the point that deep triple A RPGs are a thing of the past. An exception might be the new Baldurs Gate. The RPG Systems are very deep. Not quite as deep as Pathfinder Kingmaker but comparable and the level of presentation looks fantastic. Id say atleast on the level of something like Dragon age Inquisition. Maybe that is the game we are all looking for.

  14. Consoles are always inferior to PCs IF you know what you're doing when you build your PC and don't cheap out on it. Fuck consoles, they're what ruins games coz you have all these exclusive titles forcing you to buy a certain console when it can run perfectly fine on PC.

    Furthermore, I've finished the game on PC with a RTX 3070 GPU and it ran fine with a few bugs here and there, nothing dramatic as what was shown in the video except DumDum following me throughout Act 1.

    I think they would of been OK if they just released it for the PS5/newer consoles + PC, most of the ridiculous bugs were strictly on the older consoles but they were greedy so they can pay for that level of greed.

    Overall yeah it was on the buggy side but was still more enjoyable than any other game in 2020 that I've played.

  15. This video surmises pretty much everything I felt about Cyberpunk when I played through it. Vs origin and the fixer parts were something I wish they did more with. It gets even more frustrating when you ask Rogue for a job (after the Panam job) and she goes on a tandem about how you fucked up with Dex so now few people trusts you enough to put you on their team. There is a huge opportunity here to rebuild Vs rep among the mercs and build a new team under a new fixer but nothing is done with it. Instead we get some reputation tab in the menu that at some point tells us V is awesome enough to enter Afterlife and get high-fives from random people. But I sure didn't get any high-fives.

    Regarding the choice and consequence there are choices with consequences. The problem is that it's like Fallout 4 again. Yes, Yes, Yes, No. If you don't agree with your companion then fuck you. I didn't want to chase some guy off a race so the bartender lady (Carrie I think?) got angry at me and then I never ever heard from her again. This is after I told her I wanted to win the race and not go on a revenge quest which at the time she seemed to be cool with. But then after I won the race instead of chasing her target she somehow got surprised and angry at me that I didn't help her.

  16. So you (the reviewer) decide to compare the Witcher and Cyberpunk as to rpg depth, and find CP as the deeper of the two, leaving me to ask, "so what?" Who said Witcher was a deep rpg?

    You acknowledge that CDPR lied… that's it. That's why gamers are upset. If they claimed Witcher was a deep rpg, peopled wouldn't view it as fondly. I am amazed at people's tolerance for lies and liars these days. Amazing…

  17. Played for around 70 hours now and i'm done. I dont know, no more quests. Nothing but blue shit and ''buy that car!'' quests. I just.. I really, really like the game. But the story, its just, not enough I guess. The sidequests? So many sidequests that could have been ''longer''. That Cyberpsycho Quest? Jesus I was so angry when I finished it and was like ''That's fuckin it?!'' It's just sad, really sad. That dude who got beaten up by cops because he put a girl in a coma? That Quest with the soon to be mayor?! THERE IS SOMEONE, SOMETHING FUCKIN UP THE HEADS OF PEOPLE AND CONTROLLIN THEM, CHANGING THEM, AND U JUST FIND IT OUT AND THATS FUCKIN IT?! Just, it makes me angry. It really makes me angry because it's not enough.


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