CYBERPUNK 2077 – 2018 vs 2020 Gameplay Comparison

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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo 2018 VS actual gameplay 2020.
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40 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 – 2018 vs 2020 Gameplay Comparison”

  1. Everybody is hyper-focused on boobs, lol, but that's like barely even the point here. The poster is showing the differences in combat and dialogue, etc. In 2018 we saw great little quick cutscenes before the mission started, which was an excellent opportunity to see the characters we created in an otherwise first-person world. The combat in 2018 was way more intuitive, including the take-down. And then there's that awesome Jackie move that we don't get to see in 2020. Jackie in all ways feels more alive in the 2018 version (and I'm not talking graphics). I'm enjoying the game on PC, but the game we were shown in 2018…like I get that stuff can change, but it's barely even the same game. I don't know if they had to trim everything down to practically nothing for the "old" gen consoles or what…but it sure is a shame we didn't get even half of what they were talking things up to be.

  2. Maximize your emersion hahahahahah
    Jackie walks like a pissed off grandma.
    Is this the gameplay footage they spent months making? I know in game if you go back to that same room the wall is still all destructible. I remember watching the demo thinking wow the fucking game is going to have destructible environments. Ya more like one wall lol. I have never been so disappointed in a game.

  3. The only differences i see: jackie grabbed a car to cover himself, automatic bullet deviation to target i don't know if it's cut. Wallrunning and some dialogue and dialogue options as well with some minor changes to scenes and ai that reacts better than the retail one but still stays in place sometimes, making me believe the code for ai is disabled because it's unfinished. Aside from that the game looks like the retail one bugs and some features aside


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