CohhCarnage's Thoughts On Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update And Phantom Liberty Expansion

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Cohh talks about his thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update and Phantom Liberty Expansion after getting to its ending.. – Watch live at

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43 thoughts on “CohhCarnage's Thoughts On Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update And Phantom Liberty Expansion”

  1. I respect Cohh's opinion and know he is not afraid to pull punches if things are bad; I have to disagree with the state of Cyberpunk 2077. On a fresh install, without any saves or mods, my game is more buggy today than it was back in Dec 2021. The fact one of my biggest bugs (call vehicle) was a day 1 known issue in 2021, and for me to experience it now in 2.0 in 2023 is disappointing to say the least. Crafting at low level still feels like a struggle to get components and many vehicles still handle like boats. There have been plenty of improvements, though it feels like it may need another year of patching and refinement but I highly down it will receive that attention from CDRP.

  2. It was always an amazing story, I still hate that they killed Jackie off so quickly wish there could have been more story focused around him but I do still see the point in it to kinda progress v’s character arc in the overlaying story

  3. I own the game on Xbox series x and finished the original story and most if not almost all side content dabbled in 2.0 haven’t played phantom liberty yet but I’m gonna repurchase the game+dlc on steam and replay everything because 2.0 just provides so much that it feels like playing the game for the first time all over again!

  4. Played 2.0 until level 42 now (not playing the DLC) and I am enjoying it a lot.

    What I am not enjoying are the reworked skill trees. I think they perks are too much streamlined and there are no meaningful choices, since I have more than enough perk points to just get everything I want. I am really not a fan of perk points only working for a specific weapon type as well, as it limits the builds a lot.

  5. I hope the sequel builds off the stories set up in this game and take place in a post-V world, with some hints of that story, but following the Rogue AI threat and what that means for Night City, NUSA, and the rest of the Cyberpunk world. I want to re-visit Night City again, as Night City is as much a character as any human in the game.

  6. I think where the industry is going is a green light phase, AKA early access, for the Uber fans and to assist in play testing. this is significantly why BG3 was so good at launch. and on the reverse, it's why Starfield is so terrible. If they had let proper playtesters have at it 6 months ago, the game wouldn't suck so bad today. that game definitely will need a round of updates to be enjoyable. it is so bad. so so bad. The apologists and Uber fans are ridiculous. because Starfield is not fun on top of all of the bugs and gameplay snafus. it's not fun. it's boring. crafting is stupid. etc etc etc. so two recent games that are good examples of how early access would have made all the difference.

    there are stupid people who will pay a full $70 for early access to an unfinished game. let those idiots be a free QA team. they're willing and able to do it. why why not?

    so many games have been so bad lately that early access just makes sense.

  7. What annoys me the most, is the fact that they had to release the "barely release quality" patch, together with another way to generate money. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them releasing the expansion in general, I just find it a severely poor choice, that they took THREE years to finally get the game to a proper place and at the same time show us, that the fix for their mess was obviously not their main focus. It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, and honestly, it took every ounce of respect I would have given CDPR for fixing it, and puts it back into my pocket.

  8. No. They knew what they were releasing on day one. Cohn said it at the start of the video, it’s not ok.

    I give them absolutely no credit for bringing it up to a “playable” standard. Glad y’all are enjoying it, I got one will never give this company my money. Unacceptable.

  9. Playing 2.0 before even getting to the expansion I had an incredibly frustratingly bug with a blue glitch screen and my radar glitching out and my controller vibrating like insanely and at first I though ok it's just temporarily while i'm having some issue with this whole Jonny thing in my head and kept going but hours later of quests it still kept going, it went from annoying and unsure if it is supposed to happen or not to 100% obvious it shouldn't be happening. I had to turn vibration off because my hands was literally hurting from it vibrating constantly and worried it may burn our motors in my controller, then trying to listen to NPCs talk while this annoying glitch sounds kept going on was killing me. I started looking into fixes for this, some people said you have to get drunk, some people say just save and reload, some people say sleep, some people say load a save file from earlier without glitch then go back to current save, also did not work. Found a reddit threads advising this is a common issue for years and that fix is to download FX Begone mod, so i tried that but haven't not had downloaded mods it took me a while to figure out where it goes with epic games version of game, the instructions from the official site wouldn't work, kept saying not compatible in the /mods folder, using instructions from Nexus nothing happening until I finally figured out that on the game launcher I had to click gear icon and click "enable mods" nothing anywhere mentioned this, none of reddit threads, the official site, etc. and i still had to use a completely different folder then what C:D project red said to put it. after all that I finally got issue resolved, saved game, exited, uninstalled mod, went back in, and it's fixed. I'm incredibly disappointed and frustrated with developer that not only they have this bug, there was no way to fix it without 3rd party mods. I believe console players would have to just waste hours of gameplay time to load a previous save as they wouldn't have option to install the mod. This one issue has turned me off so much on top of all other bugs I had in 1.0 i have lost all my drive to want to play expansion now… but i will try to keep playing and hope this is the last incredibly bad bugs I come across, they almost destroyed my expensive elite xbox controller with that maxed out constant vibration that never went away. I'm so sick of companies just not caring anymore, for a major bug like this to exist years without a fix is unacceptable.

  10. Guess its time to put the cap jack hat again, becouse imo not just the unfinished state that 1.0 was but lying to customers felt like , I refunded my game back in the day , and i refuse to lets this game wich made me feel tricked to get my money again, so the green steam will see it trough for me

  11. you know what a good example is, probably the best example of all of early access and continuous improvement? paradox. everything they make has like a 10-year development support cycle. they continued working on Stellaris even up to last year. they might still be working on it for all I know. And they continue to make money off of it with new DLC and engine improvements.

  12. I'll still argue to this day that if CDPR were just upfront with what's happening with the game to their stakeholders and customers, and released CyberPunk 2077 initially as an Early Access title, all of the animosity would have been slighter, or just not a thing. Larian proved with Baldur's Gate III that transparency goes A VERY LONG WAY with your customers. Also directly communicating to said customers as well. And absolutely yes, same EXACT sentiment towards No Man's Sky.
    Doing this "surprise EA" akin to a live service title (release product now, fix later after getting your $59-69 shenanigans) should have never been a thing. EVER.

  13. Probably too late for me to get back into it at least until a dlc discount but good for them for sticking with it. Really looking forward to a sequel as long as they learn from past mistakes especially if they keep tying in with the anime. Also can't imagine how good a sequel will look if they want to change their game engine which is very impressive, it must have just been a pain to work with.

  14. Nice thoughts video, with possibly a tiny spoiler regarding the new ending '…think Edgerunners'. Well that was an amazing animation series with a suitable ending, but you could have also not said anything.

  15. Its better but still not great. Many aspects of this game play like a Ubisoft game — comically robotic enemies, lackluster quest design, wonky animations, and I could go on. Idk about the expansion, but im not getting it having been underwhelmed with the ostensible redemption of 2.0

  16. Hello. Great summary, I totally agree. But in Poland there is a famous funny quote who was told by one prime minister in Poland Leszek Miller 20 years ago on one interview: "You should judge man not by how he starts but he he finishes " ;)) hehe. Regards from Poland 🙂

  17. Never touched this game once. My backlog has been so extensive that I finally got around to downloading it last night and will see what the hype is all about this weekend. Can’t wait.

  18. Thanks to cohh for keeping it real, so tired of all these braindead children defending that lying company, bad game relases happen but the fact that they lied to everyones face and then everyone just took it and accepted it, you people have no spine, stand up for yourselfs for godsakes you all payed for this game before it was even done being developed meaning there gonna DO TEH SAME THING AGAIN NEXT TIME.


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