CohhCarnage Talks About His Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Tech/Hacker Build And Weapons

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CohhCarnage talks about his Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Tech/Hacker Build and weapons he uses. – Watch live at

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24 thoughts on “CohhCarnage Talks About His Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Tech/Hacker Build And Weapons”

  1. everyone needs double jump, man. it becomes almost like a necessity at times to get to places above your enemies that you couldn't get to without them sweet sweet cyber legs. plus it just makes everything better and much faster. definitely invest in a pair of those absolutely asap. idk why im on about double jump when it was mentioned for like 2 seconds by idk man… the double jump is the double jump and the double jump is the way

  2. Carnage, if you grab some legendary armor and load 3/4 of it with epic armadillo clothing mods (the other quarter with crit mods) you can pretty much face tank things as a Netrunner. It basically takes the glass out of the glass cannon, and replaces it with Beskar steel. 🙂

  3. ive been using a variation of this build, one of the main things i love about it is you can sit outside of combat and just hack and obliterate everybody without having a scratch put on you, ive gained so much xp from breaching and hacking from playing like this, only thing i dont like is its made the game so easy even the game is saying so and making all mission labeled as Very Low lol

  4. If you want a challenge, rush the main quest and side quests (not the biz missions) because if you farm to level 50 and get legendary weapons, you will cut through enemies like butter in the end game. I emptied one magazine of Smart SMG onto Smasher's head and his HP went down to a quarter.

  5. Very important to note, is that Crit Chance / Crit Damage mods do NOT stack with themselves. You will only gain the effects of a single one through all your clothing slots. So you should use one of each and focus on other clothing mods for the remaining slots.


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