CohhCarnage Reacts To The Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Night City Wire September 14th 2023

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Cohh watches and reacts to the new CYBERPUNK Night City Wire. – Watch live at

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CohhCarnage Plays Cyberpunk 2077 (Hardest Difficulty/Corpo Run)(Complete):

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24 thoughts on “CohhCarnage Reacts To The Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Night City Wire September 14th 2023”

  1. How are those spoilers? Everything he said was shown to us during the trailer. Okay, we didn't know she was his protege, but we knew they had a long relationship and he trusted here a lot. She clearly wasn't just some netrunner he worked with.

  2. So… we finally can cure V from the brainstorm and/ or save Johnny too? Like.. you do extra effort quests to make it possible. Heck, use dna from Johnny and clone a new body for him to transfer his personality, while also/ either fix V brain somehow or find, clone anew but exactly same body for Vs personality to transfer into! This should take work but no lame " catches " like: " Oh sure you can save both you and Silverhand but we will hinder a satisfying ending with your girl/ boyfriend, hah! " To have your preffered path through the game AND get the ending with having you, life partner AND Silverhand + other friends should take some work to compensate, just not braindead desicion ones

  3. i'm not super intrested in this dlc why it takes place in the middle of the story i wish they had the dlc in the end depending on your ending of the game i will prob play the dlc 2024 or 2025 sometime when feel like it

  4. I am so paranoid; I would have already known something was up when those people sat across from me in a n empty train that is already moving. It just makes no sense. I would have gotten up and left to a different train cart or bailed.

  5. So I'm on Mac and Xbox for my gaming. Update 2.0 coincides with the release of BG3 on Mac, followed 5 days later by Phantom Liberty. I need like a week or two off at the end of September.


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