Clouds | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 6 | MegMage Plays

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14 thoughts on “Clouds | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 6 | MegMage Plays”

  1. Hi, leveling tech ability,is huge assest, you already speced some points, since all junk is broken down automatically into component parts and these parts come in real handy for crafting, you may want to consider trying to get up to grease monkey, will allow purle quality items and artisan allows legendary crafting but only unlocks at level 18. Also tech abiltiy does make your armour stronger every level. It's one route. Enjoy the game it sure is great one and happy holidays.

  2. I have to say female V's VA is one of my favorites. She is most known for her role as Makoto from Persona 5, but here you can barely hear any trace from Makoto. At least IMO.

  3. When you catch errant aggro from police, reloading or running are your best options.

    A lot of these quests have variable outcomes depending on what you do. For instance, you can save Anna. The ability to get different outcomes is one of the factors that kept me coming back for more and more, wanting to see how things could have played out if I'd done something different. I'm on my 5th replay now, and still keep finding things I missed before.


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