Breaking Into Cyberpunk 2077's Unusable City Hall

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Greetings earthlings, welcome to a THROWBACK THURSDAY, sorry monday? Yeah it’s a video we haven’t done in a while, you know, simple and boring noclip exploring.

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17 thoughts on “Breaking Into Cyberpunk 2077's Unusable City Hall”

  1. I used the sword trick back when you could use the sword trick to fly, landed on those ledges outside the windows, and Holt was inside with some NPC's. I shot them all through the glass. No badges,

  2. My guess is that the AV is from the Jefferson Peralez / River Ward quest line as well like the city hall interior. I can't remember the exact location you get dropped off at for that braindance mission, but I think it was near-ish city hall. AFAIK that fancy AV model is only used a few times so there's not too many options for what it could be.

  3. Is there a mod that lets you modify ambient lighting?
    I want to explore some stuff, but sometimes it's too bright (e.g. Yorinobu's Penthouse upstairs) or too dark (Dogtown Parking Garage)

  4. That AV model is used by V in the Corpo lifepath, as well as by the Peralez during one of their missions. I'm guessing it was added as ambience for City Hall (probably as an Evac for the Mayor, as you said), and they just copy-pasted it without removing it's functionalities (since you can't get up there naturally anyways).

  5. Pretty sure the AV at City Hall is the one the Peralezes use after you examine the braindance in the I Fought The Law quest. If this is true, it’s pretty cool that it actually stops somewhere and doesn’t just spawn out of the game randomly in mid-air.

  6. The AV is probably from the quest, when you leave the braindance that uses City Hall Perlazes leave in an AV so the game probably stores it close for smoother experience


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