All Throwing Weapons Ranked Worst to Best in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

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The Throwing Knives and Axes of Cyberpunk 2077 are both practical and cool to use. Tougher to use than other weapons but arguably more powerful!

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Build
01:14 Chef’s Knife
02:29 Kaiken
04:02 Knife
05:18 Neurotoxin Knife
06:23 Nehan
07:54 Tomahawk
08:57 Stinger
10:17 Blue Fang
11:33 Headhunter
12:46 Claw & XMOD2
14:19 Fang
15:48 Punknife
16:54 Agaou
18:27 Conclusion


41 thoughts on “All Throwing Weapons Ranked Worst to Best in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0”

  1. Gonna have to strongly disagree with this one, as the criteria seems to change from item to item, just to accommodate their spot in the rankand imo that doesn't make sense when you're ranking stuff. They should have the same criteria and clearly this video doesn't. If you're running a throwing knife, chances are you'll have the associated talent tree, which makes knives instantly refundable regardless of whether you kill your target or not, based on synergy, so ranking punknife number two and stating "well, if you run three of them you'll never run out of knives", well, yeah, that's true with any of them, and this is assuming you'll miss at least 3 throws in a row. Headhunter is decent due to the 200% buff it gives to other weapons, because the knife itself is pretty standard, and shouldn't rank above something like s
    a blue fang, that it's good on its own, proving higher damage, insane synergy with perks via poison damage and the 1sec stun. Agao is a no brainer for number 1 for its AoE feature, but overall the criteria and reasoning for certain picks is all over the place, which isnt something very common on your ranking videos. Apart from the cyberdecks one, where you completely neglected the capabilities of the raven and the paraline. Thumbs down for this one, sadly 😢

  2. Throwing Knives with full stealth was my first build in PL and i really loved the style. Gave me real ninja vibes.
    What i would have loved, would be Kherenzikov working with them, but it unfortunatly doesn‘t. It would work so well with it, espacially, sinve i didnt like a sandavistan with it, since cyberdeck synergized better with the stealth approach for me

  3. Nehan and Satori are a great combo against bosses, always worth keeping in your inventory imo. The vampirism health regen is just plain helpful if you don't spec into body much.

  4. Great video. The bald eagle and fang play style has recently become one of my favorite ways to play; seriously nothing more satisfying than instantly destroying an enemy and seeing their leg fly off

  5. It's worth noting how significant the bonus Melee damage is on Nehan when paired with the Pay It Forward perk and the short recovery time, bringing even more synergy to Satori hybrid builds, but also making it far more effective on its own for follow up attacks and finishers. IMO deserving to be a bit higher up on the list

  6. Stinger used to be so good in earlier patches but now Agaou is a gamechanger. Use it with weakspots and handlewrap and you can get some wicked EMP chain explosions in groups. I found a punknife with anti-grav and silencio could take down a gang so long as you get the chain going.

  7. I did an all blades build not long ago. My knives were Stinger, Headhunter, and Agaou with Mantis blades for when i had to get up close and personal. It was super fun. I started that playthrough in 1.6 and was super worried the rework would have made it not viable and i was so glad when that turned out not to be the case. The only time I fired a bullet in that playthrough is when the game forced me lol.

  8. With a throwing knife build, it really just comes down to what iconic's playstyle synergy or what knife is most aesthetically pleasing to you, but imo a Tier 5++ plain ol' knife with 2 mod slots is probably the best with its 200% headshot damage.

  9. Are you positive that throwing weapons benefit from the blade tree when used as a melee weapon?

    I didn't think that was the case anymore since the 2.0 update.
    I thought that was changed along with mono wires no longer benefiting from the blade perks.


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