ALL ICONIC Weapons In Cyberpunk 2077 (1.5 Update)

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All 48 Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 (1.5 patch content included), as usual presented in my own unique style. Also information on what it takes to complete V’s stash! This isn’t in alphabetical order and this troubles me greatly, but there is no way I can redo it now. Not including footage capture all from my own playthroughs, this took 2 days to complete! Hope it is of some use!

This is just iconic weapons. Black Unicorn is awesome but not iconic, see my Katana Video if you want to know how to get it. This video is just something I’ve wanted to do for a while before I start thinking about moving on to other games more, also things change and it’s good to have an up-to-date version.

Thanks again for watching and being a big part of making my YouTube career a reality!

0:00 Intro
0:19 1. Apparition
0:47 3. Bloody Maria
1:09 3. Skippy
1:32 4. Buzzsaw
1:52 5. Byakko
2:09 6. Chaos
2:24 7. Cottonmouth
2:40 8. Death And Taxes
3:00 9. Dying Night
3:21 10. Divided We Stand
3:50 11. Fenrir
4:19 12. Sir John Phallustiff
4:51 13. Lizzie
5:14 14. Overwatch
5:33 15. Satori
5:56 16. Cocktail Stick
6:10 17. O’Five
6:35 18. Stinger
7:01 19. Plan B
7:24 20. Mox
7:51 21. Scalpel
8:09 22. Problem Solver
8:33 23. Tsumetogi
8:48 24. Kongou
9:05 25. Genjiroh
9:38 26. Prototype Shingen Mk V
10:19 27. Widow Maker
10:44 28. Psalm 11:6
11:13 29. Caretaker’s Spade
11:44 30. Archangel
12:04 31. The Headsman
12:31 32. Sovereign
12:53 33. Moron Labe
13:23 34. Breakthrough
13:48 35. Yinglong
14:04 36. Comrade’s Hammer
14:29 37. Crash
14:51 38. Gold-Plated Baseball Bat
15:08 39. Malorian Arms 3515
15:28 40. Prejudice
15:51 41. Tinker Bell
16:15 42. Jinchu-Maru
16:35 43. Ba Xing Chong
16:50 44. Doom Doom
17:13 45. Amnesty
17:35 46. Seraph
17:51 47. Jackie’s La Chingona Dorada
18:19 48. Pride
18:53 V’s Completed Stash Walls
19:18 End & Outtake


21 thoughts on “ALL ICONIC Weapons In Cyberpunk 2077 (1.5 Update)”

  1. I never twigged to the fact that one trophy wall was all crafted weapons. Seems odd that you 'craft' an iconic trophy at all, rather than taking them as a prize in combat. I've found most of these, but there are still a few that elude me. I've never seen the Yinglong smart SMG in the 'real world'…I had to craft it for my wall. Next playthrough not only will I not give Skippy back, I'll tell him so, right off the bat. It also seems odd that you can't get a few of these until after the 'finish' of the main quest. Oh well…

  2. The skippy gun used to be electric damage but now it’s chemical. I remembered Smasher being chemical weakness and now it looks electric in 1.5. There’s def been changes

  3. You mention Rogue’s Pride gun and that we get to carry it on to our next play through. Do you mean after the game ends like when we can use Smasher’s Ba Xing shotgun? I started a new game after my last play through (epilogue and credits finished) and I didn’t have it when starting anew. Or has that been changed?

  4. Hey! You got the shotgun looks like you have Johnny's arm on like it was possible way back before 1.3. Food you record it back then or now? If now, how did you get the arm? Some dialog options or mods?

  5. Yinglong thing… I noticed today. It's a reference to Bane from Batman. Very similar look to Bane, character's name is Brain. Also uses drugs during the fight.

    The really chonky shotgun is based on Carnage. Also the way to load a shotgun with the single shots: you load the breech first, then others. Tactical reload, you have one in the breech so if you come across an enemy while reloading you can shoot them. This is actually modeled in the game.

    And the Arasaka smart pistol can be gotten any time. Boost the van in front of the estate, drive it back end to the gate, hop on and over the gate. When coming out you hop on the bushes and from there on the wall. You might need the double jump.

  6. 👍Great video for quick reference.
    Always have a soft spot for Lizzy, since I usually play w/a female character, and that skin fits well…
    (Specs aren't too shabby, either. Like a pocket-size SMG.)

  7. This is not borderlands! You only need three or four essential guns. Burya, Divided we stand, Ashura and maybe Nekomata. Anything else will get you killed since they nerfed armor. You need a shotgun before you get to lvl 10 to keep enemies on their asses when you reload but as soon as you can use that burya the only threat is Oda and Adam Smasher. There is no gun other than a Burya unless your hands dont shake like mine and you can one shot with the Comrades Hammer! There is no game mode other than very hard either!


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