[8K60] Cyberpunk 2077: Photorealistic Driving in Ultra HD | Real Life Graphics Mod

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Driving with the latest ultra photorealistic path tracing for Cyberpunk 2077. This is made possible with DLSS 3.5, ReSTIR GI Path Tracing and the new Nova LUT. Running on RTX 4090. This build uses game version 2.11.

Graphics Mods in use are:
Nova LUT by theCyanideX (Original Version)
Cyberpunk 2077 HD Reworked Project by HalkHogan
Custom Photorealistic Reshade by Me – see my channel page if you’re interested.

Car Mods in use are:
Bugatti Chiron SuperSport
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
BMW M8 Competition Coupe
Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster
Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5

I’ve done personal mesh edits to most of the cars in Blender and I’ve created custom materials that are more compatible with Path Tracing.

00:00 Intro Showcase
01:00 Bugatti Cloudy City Driving
02:25 Dodge Rainy Industrial Circuit
03:55 BMW City Center Tour
05:50 Pagani Highway Cruise
07:35 Ford Mustang Night Drive
09:50 Heavy Rain Car Showcase


32 thoughts on “[8K60] Cyberpunk 2077: Photorealistic Driving in Ultra HD | Real Life Graphics Mod”

  1. Im loving your reshade! Its very impressive with the cinematic DOF enabled. Im surprised I was able to get mine to match how you have it in your videos. Your guide is very detailed and I appreciate you providing screenshots of the settings for the reshade to match your videos. Thanks for sharing and Im happy I subscribed to your patreon! ❣

  2. I just came across your videos and I didn't think Night City could be anymore stunning, but you have made this an amazing thing to watch. The attention to detail the editing, it is all absolutely breath taking. I also appreciate V being dressed in Corpo attire to drive high end cars all over the city. You definitely have a new sub here.

  3. This realism is amazing, picture is truly impressive. And I think someone should definitely create a mod similar NO_HEAD_BOB from Stalker or camera from Unrecorded, but without extreme fisheye, more natural, without parkinson's syndrome and pre-heart attack timid half-steps. In a simple text editor I was able to slow down my walking with the keyboard and I could move and drive very slowly, as if I were playing with a gamepad. Some cinematography may be available with mods of already exist free camera, but don’t remember how easy it is for a beginner to regulate the speed of its movement; I did this back in version 1.2.


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