15 Secret Features Cyberpunk 2077 Never Tell You About

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Today we take a look at 15 secret or hidden features and mechanics that Cyberpunk 2077 never tells you about, including some new features with Phantom Liberty and Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.

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30 thoughts on “15 Secret Features Cyberpunk 2077 Never Tell You About”

  1. With stealth hacking, if there is no line of sight to you (and no Netrunner enemy possibly) they don’t automatically run to your position but just start looking for you. This becomes particularly true if you start outside the “Hostile Area” and use cameras to do your hacking.

  2. To prevent being traced… @4:30. Intelligent skill tree. You can get the shadow runner perk. It gives -100% tracing.

    Anytime in enemy tries to trace you the status bar gets to 75% and then fails. The enemy can never trace you with this.

    You just need the park. You don’t need to do anything else and it works great.

  3. Heads up: They just cracked the FF06B5 mystery.

    The post isn't easy to find in the subreddit (maybe it is hidden somehow), but I found it by looking at the comments of a user who has been very active the last 24 hours.

  4. I personally think the new traceability mechanic is so cool. Sure it’s definitely an inconvenience but it really makes you think about your next move. You have to plan more carefully it’s cool.

  5. Started a new save yesterday, today I finally completed Act 1, and it's good to be back in the game.. I'm really liking the new skill tree, it's a lot more organised than the last one. I have a list of side missions I completed in my last save, so I'm going to be doing them first alongside maxing out level & Street Cred, and then I'm purchasing Phantom Liberty. (Well, I loaded a manual save 10 mins into my current run, it was before any unlocks but after character creation, so I would not have to check my character's presets and manually set them again)

  6. 04:21 There is a other way, I have played a Netrunner since launch hehe, did not think about the way you did it. Atleast I never thought about it, if I have or not. But anyway, if you know who is tracking you, often the first person you attacked if they are not already dead. Then if you use the Shock it will abort the load, and start again.

  7. Something else you can do (on pc at least), if you hold a weapon key (1, 2, 3 or 4), you'll do the weapon flourish that you do when you first equip a weapon, saves downloading a mod like you used to.

  8. "15 secret features in Cyberpunk"
    — Did you know you can buy things at the shops?
    — Did you know you can jump?
    — Did you know that you can rebind your WASD-keys to arrow keys?
    — Did you know you can read terminals?
    — Did you know you can change your graphics settings?
    — Did you know you can change how your character looks in the character creation menu?
    — Did you know that if you fall, you sometimes take damage?
    — Did you know that guns have recoil?
    — Did you know that after some time you level up?
    — Did you know that the game actually has an ending?
    — Did you know that when you approach enemies, they try to kill you?
    — Did you know that none of the people on screen are real?

  9. A MAJOR thing I've found while playing as a stealth character in my newest run who uses Quickhacks mainly as a form of scouting, is that you can stop the tracing by killing enemies who have the Netrunning ability first. If you scan enemies and look at their Data tab, it'll tell you what abilities they have, and enemies who have the Netrunning ability are the ones who do the tracing. So if you kill them first you no longer have to worry about being traced.

    However, there's the chance that there are multiple Netrunners in a given location or mission, so if you kill one and someone discovers the body, it's possible for other Netrunners to begin tracing you still.

    So what I do as I play is I scan all the enemies and take out the Netrunners first, this stops any Tracing that starts if I do with via quickhack, and stops any tracing whatsoever if I alert the enemies in any way. So far I've been able to skulk about and use Quickhacks just fine after I take out the Netrunners first.

  10. they need to fix how almost every single thing stops you from running. if I'm running and then dash, I stop running, if im running and mantle something, I stop running. If I jump, I stop running, it just absolutely destroys your momentum and its so annoying.

  11. 1:15 I just found out literally a day before you dropped this video about the double-tap WASorD to dash / dodge, but it's not ON by default. There's a setting (Settings > Controls > Dodge on Movement Input Keys) that needs to be enabled in the game settings to make it work. And it's soooo much easier than tapping L-CTRL plus a movement key to dash / dodge.

  12. If a gig takes place at a bar, club, casino, ect be very sneaky. If you’re not caught, these are now open interiors to visit and add to the game whenever. If you light the place up, obviously you won’t be welcome back.


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