Xbox Series X | Cyberpunk 2077 (Patch 1.2) | Graphics Test/Loading Times

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26 thoughts on “Xbox Series X | Cyberpunk 2077 (Patch 1.2) | Graphics Test/Loading Times”

  1. I had cyberpunk on my pc. I only really experienced about 4 glitches that were noticeable. Cyberpunk was never a game I actually cared about but after the bad launch I just wanted to see how "bad" people claimed it to be so I managed to grab it pretty cheap but I actually enjoyed it. I've not finished it but I was lucky enough not to have a bad experience with it and it's quite enjoyable

  2. I was playin in Graphics mode and I was shocked. Give it a try. Finally rays for headlights of cars, incredible textures, improved animations, good reflections on asphalt, good reflections on cars, volumetric fog, occlusion…Game now looks astonishing. And it not even Next Gen patch.

  3. Hey , Your accent sounds Dutch . Could you play a call of duty game on the modern warfare if you own it because that game are really next gen I’m curious if the S can play it without lag or issues

    Even the Xbox one had problems playing modern warfare
    keep up the good work, cheers mate ✌️ I’m British and your English is better than my Dutch . It’s fine

  4. Glad your doing both a but but stick to series s you can see by the views your a go to for series s games👍 might I suggest for games with multiplayer u check out connecting to servers as part of your tests? Good vid

  5. I will say I have cyberpunk on pc and it looks amazing watching this on series x im really shocked like .. wow looks great and the next jen patch hasn't even hit yet 👀


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