Witcher 4 Trouble, Blizzard Lost Millions, God of War Ragnarok Director Reacts To Ubisoft/EA Greed!

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★ Blizzard’s playerbase tanks, CDPR loses Witcher 3 director, God of War Ragnarok director’s sad reaction to Ubisoft doubling down on live-services, Epic Games vs Apple & more! ★
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★ Marvel’s Avengers paywalls event rewards, Battlefield 6 new details, CDPR devs screwed out of larger Cyberpunk 2077 bonuses, Blizzard forced to adopt Call of Duty formula, Blizzard abandons past games, Halo Infinite concerns, Google Stadia executives jump ship, Epic Games Store won’t make money until 2027 says Apple, iD Software or Bethesda adds paid skins to Doom Eternal & PS5 shortages will continue! ★

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48 thoughts on “Witcher 4 Trouble, Blizzard Lost Millions, God of War Ragnarok Director Reacts To Ubisoft/EA Greed!”

  1. If Blizzard didn’t have so many FIGS working for them, normal people wouldn’t leave. The only game I want from Blizzard is Diablo 4 and Overwatch is a joke, most pathetic game ever.

  2. You know, it would be nice if for once you could give an accurate account of information when it comes to stadia. You seriously can't be so desperate to make yourself look uneducated about matters you report on. If you can report accurately, just stop mentioning stadia altogether. Why does it bother you? You're not using it, you're pc master race so why care? Have some integrity.

  3. Neoliberal ideological fundamentalism is destroying the industry; neoliberal orthodoxy promotes authoritarians and psychopaths while racing everything and everybody else to the bottom. Maximizing profits doesn’t pay sufficient front-end wages for markets to function traditionally; instead bottom-feeding back-end digital extraction tactics spanning surveillance capitalism, subscription services, and micro-transactions are required.

  4. I so suppose game critics are just failed movie critics by the way they want to find deep social commentary in some game about shooting people in the face over and over again. Trying to treat even the most story heavy RPG game as a film doesn't work because everything done in a game is predicated on "is this fun for the user?"

  5. Hmmm… If Ubisoft is going FTP, does this spell disturbance for intense Monetisation companies like Blizzard and Square Enix?

    Rockstar won't ever be affected. Even if the game becomes $100, they will still sell.

  6. Yes, scalping is a pretty disgusting practices, but it's still well within the 'rules' of a capitalist economy, and I believe that any laws making it illegal are the top of a slippery slope that will lead to economic problems caused by a state that makes normal practices of a free market more and more illegal.
    The way that these people bulk buying PS5's to resell them with an increased price should be solved, is letting the free market solve it naturally. Ideally it will end up with those scalpers in possession of hundreds of consoles they can't sell because the price is too high.

    It's all basic supply and demand and pricing influenced by that, there's nothing new about it. I didn't hear many people complain about the price of diamonds before, and no laws have been created to solve that either.

  7. The word Cis is stupid. You don't give a "new" label to what 99% of the world is. They use it a demonizing word to attack everyday people. I have seen it used as "Well you just happen to be born in the right body" like being straight is horrible. How dare you straight people exist and keep the human race alive.

  8. What's up with these comments? Game industry is at it's highest, no matter what's happening behind the scenes. Games will be better in the next few years. Of course these publishers will be doing shady shit, which company doesn't? Do i care? As long as it's not too terrible, no. I'm only looking for games, i don't give a shit how they are made. It's same with everything in life. It's capitalism so it will never change. Get over it and live your life lol

  9. I just dont want Witcher 4 anyway. Witcher isn’t Witcher without geralt. And geralts story is finished. The way CDPR put very little effort into cyberpunk only makes me not want them to ruin the Witcher franchise.

  10. Man your a Negative Nancy. P.S CyberPunk made 500 million. I think it done just fine on Xbox and PlayStation you could buy it play it and refund it after you complete it. And it still made 500M

  11. 00:31 feels like miss-representation of what that really is though. not only couple of kids Fortnite fans care about it. every game developer out there does too. and it's a big deal for all mobile game users when devs can make games on IOS without having to go through the one and only door APPLE Store.

  12. There's no surprise about the drop of player interest, their products are visibly rushed and half-baked. Honestly, Activision trying to "rush" more without investing hard into the dev teams will just make the problem worse.

  13. what really annoys me is that im an aspiring programmer in uni and have been seriously interested in the gaming industry for the past decade, especially in the technical side of shaders recently, except, every time i watch videos like these, read news, i just get sad at how all the work people put in is shat on by both the executive staff of companies and corporations as well as journalists

  14. Halo 5 WAS NOT A MISFIRE! Seriously, these fucking boomer gamers with their nostalgia for Halo 1 and 2 are keeping the franchise from going forward. Halo 2 was a decent game almost twenty years ago! Quit living in the past

  15. "Call of Duty is our formula going forward" Robert you bloated fucking tick, everybody else tried that EXACT THING years ago and it almost destroyed all of them. How can you have so goddamn much money and be SO BAD at basic Capitalism?

    Nevermind, my own pattern recognition kicked in and answered that.

  16. If Sony agrees with that offer which most likely they won’t because it’s Sony I hope they bring Spider-Man to epic game store then there’s no need for PS4-5 console same with Xbox since it has xcloud

  17. My passion for video games has taken a beating over the last decade……but all of these stories have all but killed it. I still love games, but I have a library of thousands of games through several console generations. I'm almost to the point were I say fuck it. Just play my retro games, and no longer support this industry.

  18. Letting go a director for allegations of bullying is so stupid. He's the creative lead, letting him go is just hurting the game. Who cares if someone got some feelings hurt, hes here to make games not care about feelings

  19. Just want to say I like how this video was structured. I never really watched one of your videos all the way through because they were too long. While this video remains long you have plenty of news and don't waste anytime getting to the point and make interesting comments that don't babble on. First vid I've watched in a while but loving it


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