Why Players Are So UPSET with – Cyberpunk 2077

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29 thoughts on “Why Players Are So UPSET with – Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. The game is so lacking its unreal .

    1 thing that grinds my gears – the phisics are shit !!!!!

    The visuals are dummed down from all previous trailers ( just like days gone)

    The thing is they should not charge £60 for this type of game.

    Very very buggy on consoles and pc – shows rushed status for xmas hype = lack of faith in the product by creator's

    Put 35 hours into it and traded it in overall ( lies / should have stayed in development for another 7 years 😂

    Just stay Away

  2. Was it the fans who made the devs release the game or the opposite? Just confirming this since I don't know if it's true that fans made the devs release this game in its early state from the real launch state.

  3. Personally the story is 9/10 I have no problem with that. Graphics and bugs are part of the game. What's bothering me is these so called "confirmed features" not being in the game. I guess you can say I fell for the hype. Other YouTubers made it sound like you'll be able to do anything (CDPR CONFIRMED) Which you can to extent but even something as decision making which is what CDPR basically market off of, it seems like the game forces you to make a certain choices the other dialogues is basically just scripted reactions that has no impact on the so called "story". 9/10 story 6.9/10 features / immersion

  4. I'm just at 1:12 but I feel from your verdict what is gonna be the critics. So you say they have expectationd which are maybe not realistic.

    Nope, they have shown us lots of features which are not even in the game. Why they released it if they are not there yet

  5. I just kinda went into it not knowing what to expect got really immersed in the world and characters and enjoyed the crashes were kinda annoying the graphics were ok by me and eh whatever I like it

  6. All that work a mojority of it trying to save v and go of with panma or whoever just for the game to spit in your face and tell you to fuck off and on top of that all the bugs and glitches

  7. Beyond hype this game has many glaring issues.

    I'm not talking bugs. Game design. Ai.

    All style no substance. Enjoyed my time with it and hope they improve.

    Not even close to the witcher 3 on a narrative level.

  8. I think the developer is responsible for overhyping the game. None of the mechanics promised are there, and the anger of us players is justified because they did work hard to makes us so hyped about those missing features: next gen AI, crime system, deep customisation, branching quests, even the mature topics around sex for example are completely missing….just WTF

  9. After playing it on PC, I personally do think that Cyberpunk is a great game but, for me, it doesn't get a GOTY and it's not because of the bugs, it's because it has nothing new in a videogame. It's a game mechanic that's been seen in most videogames. I've played Deus Ex and see some similarities. Now for the glitches, i've seen videos that on console it's a mess, but from my experience on pc, the bugs are at an acceptable range (for now) for a game this size, It doesn't impact my experience with it.
    I'll give credit to CDPR for the world they created, they absolutely nailed it. When I'm walking in the city, it's like Disneyland everywhere.

  10. Is not about hype, is about all the lies THEY promoted in their promos. This game is a straight scam. Just go watch their official YT channel. They intentionally lied and delivered this piece of garbage. It is not people's fault and is not only a console problem.

  11. I liked getting lost in Night City. I would have really appreciated an auto driving system so I could just cruise around and take in the city and listen to some music. But the driving is so stressful that's not really possible. Especially in first person mode.

    I would have also liked to be able to customize my character and look. No I don't think those are tall orders or unrealistic expectations. GTA V allowed you to do that in 2013 on PS3. I know Cyberpunk isn't GTA, but they advertised individualism and individual choices. and we didn't really get much of that.


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