Wait, what? Cyberpunk 2077 Was June's Best Selling Digital PS4 Game

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Cyberpunk was the best-selling PS4 game on the PS Store last month despite PlayStation’s warnings against playing it on the console.

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21 thoughts on “Wait, what? Cyberpunk 2077 Was June's Best Selling Digital PS4 Game”

  1. I've played it on Xbox and, boy, what a game! The only issues I've had was at loading and rendering 'cause of the HDD, but I figured out that opening the map/inventory screen and waiting it to load make everything in the game load as well. Incredible game! I'm on my completionist run now, enjoying It a lot!

  2. I actually bought it when it first came out on Xbox series X and I never had one issue with it I ended up getting rid of my series x and now have a ps5 I can only imagine how much better the game has gotten with all the patches they’ve put on it, so now I’m gonna have to re buy it for the Ps5 ASAP

  3. its not the best selling game its the most downloadable game… and its not the same…people who uninstall the game thought the game is fix when sony allowed the game to be release on platform… if ur digital u knew what im talking about…. and besides cyberpunk is the least popular game on that top most download game list… 30 entities before u can see cyberpunk…


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