The Witcher 4 & Cyberpunk 2077 DLC – NEW LEAKS & RUMORS (New CD Projekt Red Games)

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The Witcher 4 News, Cyberpunk 2077 DLC rumors & more cd projekt red games info
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Unreal Engine 5 Medieval Demo:

00:00 Intro
00:45 Big Cyberpunk Changes
02:11 Cyberpunk 2077 DLC
03:34 First Witcher 4 Info
04:59 Witcher Graphical Upgrade
05:40 Cyberpunk/Witcher Multiplayer
06:52 Witcher 4 Info & Predictions
08:26 Other New CD Projekt Red Games

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25 thoughts on “The Witcher 4 & Cyberpunk 2077 DLC – NEW LEAKS & RUMORS (New CD Projekt Red Games)”

  1. Thought it was interesting to look at the future of CD Projekt Red as a lot of was announced/leaked recently. As noted in the video, I do hope they learn from their mistakes and show Witcher 4 when it's close to being done & not make promises they can't keep. Really hope they can deliver as Witcher 4 on Unreal Engine 5 should be cool!

  2. Witcher 3 is the best game ive ever experienced… holy fawk i cant wait for 4… the lore alone is almost untouchable via books etc.. forbidden west keeps me savvy though ✌

  3. I jumped the CP wagon late with 1.5 – and I'm having a blast with it. Really looking forward to the DLC.
    And Witcher 4 would be sweet – if it has an option to play as a witch.

  4. Why CDPR. When you making big profits even from not so good game. Why you want to make games multiplayer and become just another studio.
    Keep your game deep and long single player games is all your audience wants.

  5. Please…for the love of Zeus let CDPR not bend over for Epic and make Witcher 4 and exclusive. That would be it for me. They already fucked the fans with Cyberpunk and this would be the last straw.

  6. I would think that the Crystal palace would be a good place for a Cyberpunk 2 maybe. Idk how big it is but would they really just want to reuse Night city. I'm ok with that, just look at all the spiderman games. But most games, that aren't spiderman, usually make a new place for sequels. Maybe they can make night night bigger, flying cars, open buildings. But if we're playing our same V then we would be pretty powerful at the start of a cyberpunk 2 with our night city connections. Time will tell.

  7. Look I am playing cyberpunk now again on ps5 it's still a really good game…look ngl it had problems… but it at release was still better then most games atm can't wait for the dlc

  8. Surprised that you didn’t touch on the Witcher 3 new-gen update. For everyone wondering, apparently CDPR moved it from a 3rd party developer to an in-house team, so it might take them longer to release it

  9. I would prefer they continue to make cyberpunk what it was meant to be for several more years
    Updating it like “no man’s sky” got treatment
    Than have a Witcher 4
    They are rushing onto new project yet again and it’s not gonna end well

  10. Cyberpunk is amazing. I had a HUGE amount of fun. 3 Playthroughs, 100% I love the game and I still play it after well over 300h. I never hated on it and it is only getting better and better. Love you CDPR

  11. kek if cyberflunk was CDPRs idea of what an RPG should be, W4 is going to be shit.

    Well, W4 is going to be shit anyways considering how everyone that made W2/W3 what it was jumped ship


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