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After a tumultuous month for Cyberpunk 2077 and the team at CD Projekt Red, things have gone quiet for the most part. The silence brought about an opportunity to discuss the merits of the game, whether that is the best route or not is up to you, but instead the void was filled with fake rumors as well as big reaches to drum up clicks. It’s clear controversy drives traffic and Cyberpunk 2077 was full of clear issues worth discussing, but we’ve encountered a situation where now outlets are attempting to create the chaos themselves.
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  1. I played it through fully, all side quests, and I actually really enjoyed it! Panam is the best! I'll be interested in playing it again when it's fixed and complete in a year or so. I definitely think they need to release a mod kit for this game to reach its full potential though, if they do we've got a skyrim2.0 on our hands. Everything's there, all the pieces for great mods and overhauls! It would be great to see a full conversion that really amps up the RPG aspects and makes it more difficult and improves the AI.

  2. i think, like with every game released nowadays, alot of problems would be avoided, if developers patched game BEFORE release, rather than leaving it to players to tell them what's wrong, and also, talk to us, listen to what we have to say, open communication is key in everything, they should really hire some kind of crew that handles customer concerns. anyway wish i could enjoy CP2077 but unless the PS4 version receives a major update that fixes all the bugs and perhaps makes driving easier, i can't see myself giving it another chance, despite how much i wanted to enjoy it

  3. The real problem with cyberpunk 2077 is there is very low replayability because there are no major branching paths in early/mid game – so once you go through the game – there's no reason to replay again. Most different endings can be seen by reloading that save at the end where you have to make major choices.

    I don't know what they could do to fix this -the amount of work just seems unsurmountable – I think even the future updates will be more linear content.
    I guess we all wanted a deep RPG, but what we got was a story driven linear action game.

  4. Im not sure what is the truth, but i heard that the company was going to release the game later but then fans wanted them to release the game now, and then got mad that the game was buggy. If that is true its not the companies fault.

  5. I know two gamers who are still just playing through the training section in 2077. Think I'd go mad doing just that but I guess they are waiting for the game to get more patches/content before they dive in and really start playing it.

  6. Been following MATTY for a while. This is a real rpg player and solid ass content creator. The game did come out buggy and somewhat lacking but for what it is it’s still a solid ass experience. Like he’s saying people are jumping on the hype train of just shitting on it bc that’s the thing to do??? Step back and take it for what it is.

  7. It is a really dissapointing game though it's not even close to a rpg it's so basic, there's no choice no customisation, the only thing this game does good is the way it looks, the story is bland and doesn't feel like you have much at stake

  8. I can’t take you seriously after calling this the best RPG of the generation. It’s barely an RPG and is a complete mess. You ignored all that for views and revenue.

  9. I played through the main story and all through the holidays clocking 100+ hours and now I'm taking a break from that very intense and moving experience. Does that mean I'm that 79% percent? If so, the number says practically nothing about our opinion of the game.

  10. The potential is there for Cyberpunk, let's see how it goes 🙂

    Have you considered doing a video on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire? I know it's a fairly small title, however the port and release of it to consoles has been probably one of the worst cases out there, another port and release the same company (Grip Digital/Versus Evil) handled was the port of Pillars of Eternity I to Switch, which has had an equally, if not worse handling so far, and both of these titles, more than a year after their release on their respective platforms are both buggy and unplayable, and regularly put up on sale (apparently Nintendo themselves have stepped in to help the company release a decent patch for Switch version of PoE1)

    With the upcoming Avowed title by Obsidian in the future, based in the same universe as the Pillars games, it may be worth a look at, or at least some attention!

    Love the videos, Matty! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  11. List of fixes im hoping for in the future:

    Cops no longer teleport
    Mini map has a larger overhead view
    NPCs are more responsive
    NPC cars no longer stop dead
    Objects dont dissappear if you dont look at them
    Remove the purple cars in the distance
    Texture pop is gone
    No more screen tearing
    Air vehicles added
    Map filter
    Change the handling of vehicles so it no longer feels like driving a hairdryer
    Change the insane level of difficulty on beat on the brat
    Make pacifica explorable
    Involve trauma team more i.e after attacking NPCs, on missions, seeing them around in the city
    Add animals in the badlands
    Make more buildings explorable

    These were things I was expecting but was very disappointed to find a half baked game.

    If they dont add these things then I'll probably stop playing or make any purchases into future DLC

  12. got my cp2077 refund very basic systems not in game a.i is very bad and game feels empty to me its a mile off witcher 3 quality levels and systems, i really hope they fix game but will they improve game systems i dont think they will prove me wrong cdproject


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