The Rebel Path (Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack)

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All credit goes to Marcin Przybyłowicz, P. T. Adamczyk, Paul Leonard-Morgan, and all other composers and musicians involved in creating this wonderful soundtrack.

If you like the soundtrack, listen to it here:

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48 thoughts on “The Rebel Path (Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack)”

  1. Saboru Arasaka after hearing about Johnny's ongoing suicidal rampage: Johnny Silverhand is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fucking will…something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three of our Solos in the Afterlife…with a guitar pick. A fucking guitar pick. Then suddenly one day, today actually, he finally let his hate for us consume him. Over a woman, of course. One Alt Cunningham, the mother of Soul Killer. The one you just killed.

    There's no making any deals with him now. Now he's going to pull off an impossible task. A job no one else could ever pull off. The bodies he'll bury today will lay the foundation of what Night City will become in fifty years. And now my son, hours after his girl died, you're only just now realizing how badly you done fucked up. Johnny's coming for us and there's nothing we can do. Now, get the fuck out of my sight. He's got a city to burn.

  2. Despite everything, Johnny's intro would go down as one of the best and most badass intros. Johnny's character itself is so fascinating and intriguing, I went and searched up entire lore on him.

    Cyberpunk 2077 isn't a masterpiece, but its a great game nonetheless.


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