The Police Are BROKEN Cyberpunk 2077

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The Police Are BROKEN Cyberpunk 2077
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28 thoughts on “The Police Are BROKEN Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Hey! I'd love to feature your clip in our new Cyberpunk series showing millions of people your video! We will give you credit for letting us use the clip in the video of course! I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. 8 years of development time and not one was spent trying to have an actual police system, instead they thought it would be fine to have them just spawn right infront of the player.

  3. Jesus Christ this is embarrassing. Look at the citizens all just standing still like a bunch of brainless wonders. Games 10 years ago were more advanced. This is the new standard of revolutionary gaming?????

  4. I think the AI in the first clip makes sense tbh. Player gets right up in the cops personal space. Place like Night City I imagine all law enforcement would require civilians to keep their distance and I would expect the AI to be coded to react if the player gets up in their face.
    They go to alerted/detection mode as the player backs up but V stays in LoS and gets detected. The reaction escalates to the female cop aiming at the player but not shooting. There's a flashing red exclamation mark above her head to indicate that she's holding her fire rather than glitching out. The flashing red icon plus a gun being pointed at you (but not fired) pretty clearly indicates that this is a "final warning" mode.

    The problem is that the cops dialogue line was just a vague threat. Those dialogue lines need to explicitly indicate that the player needs to move a significant distance away. Clear "move along" type directions. In this case the player didn't do anything, didn't approach, retreat, draw a weapon, nothing. But any response other than moving away is treated as failure to comply and the npc goes hostile. Of course, none of this excuses the fact that the second cop is an inanimate mannequin. And the second half of this video, good lord what a train wreck.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the AI in CP2077 in any way lol. Just looking at the sequence of actions and reactions in this clip. If viewed in a vacuum it seems like a logical set of behaviour conditions for a cop npc in night city.

  5. I just refunded the game on steam because of this. Something like this can't be patched. This is an entire system. A design choice that would take at least a year, minimum, to build again from scratch. There is no way they can do that, in my opinion.

  6. This honestly makes sense to me, especially for this setting. Cops are doing something, they tell you to back off, and you don't. I've gone over and harassed those same cops as you did, and when I moved farther away, the "warning" exclamation point disappeared. For that matter, gangsters will threaten you with violence and aggress you the same way if you approach and don't back off. Then I've gone up to cops who are just standing around (not serving a warrant or at a crime scene), and they just ignore you. Particularly in the context of a dystopian corporate city with hyper-aggressive privatized law enforcement, it seems to fit the setting.

    I will also note, it's much easier to get headshots without hitting your human shields when using auto-aim like this player.


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