The Many Lies And Broken Promises of Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt RED have promised that they’re going to fix the game as much as they possibly can on base consoles, and once that happens, we will, at the very least, be left with a decent game- if one that falls short of all the promises that its developer continuously made for two years. But in spite of that, the developer needs to be called out for its practices.

CD Projekt RED earned a strong reputation, but with Cyberpunk 2077, they seem to have forgotten how they got that reputation. With Cyberpunk 2077, they have been the opposite of honest and forthcoming. With Cyberpunk 2077, they have lost the trust of the masses.


29 thoughts on “The Many Lies And Broken Promises of Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I'm playing it on a 5 year old gaming PC at 1080p with max settings. I'm only about 15 hours in, but I've not had a single crash or bug and it's runs smooth as silk.

    It's setting is well realised, the atmosphere is fantastic, the story execution and voice acting is top-notch. I don't understand the backlash to be honest.

  2. The game doesn't even look that good in my opinion. RDR2 is massively better looking game. The world looks very unrealistic to my taste, and I don't mean the setting but actual execution of lighting and textures. And what the hell is wrong with characters and their shoulders? Even if all the bugs were fixed, it would still be big disappointment. I don't get why all fanboys keep cheering that the game looks good. Are you fooled by the pre-rendered cinematic marketing trailers and somehow think the game looks like that?

  3. Honestly, you all deserve it. People who still believe trailers and pre order games just because yes should expect this. Like seriously, who even still believes in trailers and devs? You should have learned by now.

  4. Unfortunately after finishing the main quest line, I feel there’s not much more to do. Some of the side quests are interesting but they’re for the most part just meh.

    Otherwise there’s no incentive to continue playing, no customization for cars, character, no purchasing of properties, no followers, no dynamic changing world… as alive as Night city feels, it feels just as much dead.

  5. is there any indication that they will attempt to implement at least part of the content that is missing? I undestand why everybody is frustrated with the unplayability but the worrisome part is that this is not even half the game that was promised

  6. In 2020 they voted my city the most glitchy place to live in America.
    Main issues? Sky high rate of bugs, and more people playing below acceptable frame rate line than anywhere else.
    Can't deny it, it's all true…but everybody still wants to live here. This city's always got a glitch for you.
    Might be a lie, an illusion, but it's there… just around the corner…and it keeps pop in. It's a city of bugs, and I'm a big beta tester.

  7. Isn't it ironic that CD Projekt Red pulled shady dishonest business practices to sell a game featuring the moral ambiguity of mega corporations pulling shady dishonest business practices?

  8. Even tho CDPR works on a good PC it still isn’t that Immersive compared to GTA and especially RDR2, you can’t even get a haircut like in the witcher and your hair doesn’t grow even on pc this game is so deceiving

  9. I am subscribing to this channel for the fact that this is the only real review for cyberpunk 2077,
    Remaining all were bought off by CDPR, especially IGN who gave it a 9 on pc, inspite of knowing that this is a bad rpg with shitty elements, crashes, glitches even on high end pcs, even the story is sub par


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