The IMMORTALITY of Johnny Silverhand | Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Update

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Despite Johnny Silverhand losing his initial encounter against Adam Smasher, we of course know that Silverhand comes back as an engram within the Relic V chips. Many look at this as a development unique to Cyberpunk 2077, however, Mike Pondsmith had always planned for his return. The proof lies in a now out dated sourcebook named Cybergeneration. Which contains many of the currently used plot devices from Cyberpunk RED. This video takes an in depth look at the characterization, themes, and of course immortality of Johnny Silverhand.

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23 thoughts on “The IMMORTALITY of Johnny Silverhand | Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Update”

  1. Let me know what you all thought about the video. Silverhands arc throughout the years has some of my favorite themes from the Cyberpunk genre. Look out for a Firestorm Shockwave Narration coming soon!

  2. Good video, man. I know in the original craft of the game CD project red for it would be a good idea to pick your childhood hero those but the three options Morgan blackhand Johnny silver andSaburo Arasaka.and V back story was more in-depth .you could decide whether you were rich or poor or just getting could decide, with an U or an orphan or you have a family.and there are more decisions about personal things about V and that story .it would have been so more interesting to have a character more personalised to your decisions.I hope the second game prince is the original idea pack for the character creator

  3. I feel like the one over sight for Johnny, unless it’s a future ending, is “for fuck sake Johnny, if you care about V, at least have the balls to tell some of the people that you’re the new V” Love interests in mourning (well, likely, Panama would be trying to set up a netrunner raid to find engram male V), Vik explaining to Mama Welles you’re off on a mission or something. Johnny’s ending is sweet, but realistically only for himself, again.

  4. Thanks for the video! Awesome as usual ♥

    Long comment warning
    (Debate and Theory)

    In my last comment, my theory for V to have sync with Silverhand's engram was for them to be related in some way even if remotely.
    But, what if they are not selected out of blood compatibility but out of brain/soul/background compatibility. A more "selective" method to choose the next body for Jhonny
    This would solidify Alt. being the main if not one of the main villains in the overall story.
    When you talk to Alt (if you killed the agent), she hovers about "their deal" with Brigitte of giving safe passage to her clan beyond the Blackwall, but if you talk to npcs in Pacifica you'll learn she either lied to Alt or minimized the amount of people of "her clan" since almost all of Pacifica seems to think Alt is taking them with her (easy comparison, like christian apocalipsis where "they go to heaven while the others stay"). BUT, after the "never Fade Away" mission, you can get a dialog with one of the kids who helped you fix the roller coaster saying many of The Voodo Boys dissapeared (including Brigitte) and gives his personal opinion of how AI are tricky geniuses in bottles (ask them to be shorter, they chop your head off).

    Most people around the game tells you Jhonny is a manipulative person, a liar, etc. But what if Jhonny is nothing but another victim to Alt's plan. She obviously held a grudge to Arasaka even before she died, what if she manipulated Jhonny into going all out against Arasaka, so she could cover her own tracks of her plan, after Arasaka found out she became the priority target and the rest of the story unfolds. We jump back a bit forward in time where "Alt clone" retrieves Johnny's engram and realizes his body is beyond saving. That's where she starts "harvesting" vessels, people with poor/no background who shared some similarities to Jhonny's "mindset" so it would be easier to sync.
    Think about it, the whole job started because Brigitte needed to contact Alt, but where did that come from?, for them to learn about Alt and the "safe haven" beyond the Blackwall there must have been previous communication with either Alt or another AI made either by Brigitte or another clan chief (probably the one previous to Brigitte), so this idea started to evolve as the time passed. Making the Voodo Boys their own personal "physical scouters" for bodies compatible enough with Jhonny's engram.
    This goes back to what Dex tells you when you meet him, why would the Voodo boys protect Evelyn's background when she's a "ranyon"? How did they even found out about Arasaka having Jhonny's engram in the first place? Why did they even hired V a second time when they could have just grabbed them in the street and take the chip by their own means? they have the numbers, resources and they clearly don't care what outsiders think of them. It doesn't fit their own M.O.
    My theory is that Alt has been manipulating more events than we realized even before she became an A.I. She tricked the Voodo boys to acquire the chip so Jhonny gets a body back and she can keep manipulating him in her crusade (this is where Jhonny's uniqueness show, he is no Blackhand but he had enough prestige to be considered a legend in Night City, moves crowds, be a voice and who knows what else at this point). Stretching a bit more, maybe the Voodo Boys even had volunteers to give up their bodies to Alt and Jhonny but with the Heist going down the pipe, learning someone else had the engram and on top of that, they were being compatible, the Voodo Boys got desperate and tried to make some moves of their own (real reason as to why Brigitte got caught) and that's when Alt decided to zero them once she was able to make contact with V and Jhonny.

    It's a lot of rambling so I understand if some parts don't make sense
    I hope they give us more answers once the DLC comes out.

  5. An important part of Johnny’s character is that he’s a guy who should have died on many occasions, but somehow cheated death. When he was a teenager, he faked his age to join the military and was severely injured. He went AWOL and survived the travel back to the US, ending up in Night City. From then on, he was in a band and partied hard to distract from the feelings he felt from the war, still as a teenager. By the time 2013 came around, he needed a new liver from the amount of drugs and alcohol on top of the damage from getting attacked by Alt’s kidnappers. He was just 25 or almost 25. Then he raided Arasaka and somehow survived. Somehow he survived becoming a target long enough to go back ten years later as revenge for not rescuing Alt. He almost made it to 35, when for all intents and purposes he would have joined the 27 club at the very most. Of course the fucker became immortal.

  6. This was a pretty interesting video but as you play the game Johnny changes as a person and sees he could have done things differently at the end of cyberpunk 2077 I do believe that v wont be saved and when a new ending comes to the dlc will probably be a different ending but still got good ending so I think Johnny taking over v body seems like the right choice so many people will disagree but it seems like the right thing to do because of how much Johnny silverhand changes as a person and he would let you keep your body and even tries to convince you to just make the most you have left to live

  7. Well since johnny already crossed over to beyond the black wall wouldnt he already be immortal as data? But if his body is still around and hes "still alive" wouldnt he then be immortal and mortal i see this being a future dilema theyll have to cross johnny vs johnny….thatll be brutual…

  8. I like the cyberpunk generations pov. I was looking up judge dread and found out he had an evil twin brother. It made me think of altered carbon where the main fights his own sleeve in a cage match and that makes me hope for something similar for Johnny. Since he's in our head and whatever reason we are stuck in a cage match fighting the body of Johnny silver hand except its old man Johnny. Somehow I hope cdpr is able to say what actually happened to his body, and if there truly are scientific experiments going on in the combat zone I hope militech is able to swoop in with a properly cloned body for v while Johnny takes the old body and spends the rest of his life with rogue.

  9. i hope Pondsmith likes what CDPR has done with his franchise especially since the rocky glitchy start of 2077 i hope he’s proud of the constant support of the game and edgerunners show i hope he knows ppl love the universe especially now


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