The Cyberpunk 2077 "Minimum System Requirements" Gaming PC

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Can you play CD Projekt Red’s latest open world adventure using the minimum system specs? Well today I’ve combined an Intel Core i5 3570k, GTX 780 and 8 gigabytes of ram to find out!

This is Cyberpunk 2077 running with the developer stated minimum system requirements.

Settings and test methodology used:
In today’s tests I used a mixture of native 1080p, dynamic 1080p and a static scale reduction which took the game as low as 1152 x 648. The preset remained at low, though the texture quality was left on high (as per the preset) as I found this made no difference in performance, and it’s no surprise considering the 3GB GTX 780 was hitting 100% usage a lot of the time anyway.

The gameplay was captured externally using another PC to avoid any performance loss that may have occurred when using internal solutions like Shadowplay.

The version of the game tested was the GOG version, as 100% of the proceeds go to the developers 🙂

Thanks for watching 🙂


48 thoughts on “The Cyberpunk 2077 "Minimum System Requirements" Gaming PC”

  1. So I've put it in the description but I'll mention it again here. I used the low preset throughout but kept the high texture settings that the preset defaulted to. I found no performance difference when switching between the texture options. I'll also be following progress of patches and bringing you an updated video in a month or so to see how things change 🙂 (plus i'll test the 3000G soon haha)

  2. Im running the lowest spec cpu.
    i-5 3770K Overclocked to 4.5 Ghz.
    And a 1660 Super.
    The game runs well on high settings with an average of 65-40 FPS.
    Im genuinely surprised it works so well.

  3. I did some benches with a 1660 super, with dynamic resolution on 50-100% I can keep 60fps at medium high, with high textures. And with everything on low in 1080p I get 80-110. So if you are on a 1060, low at 60fps should be quite achievable at 1080p

  4. Wish they would include FPS numbers with these recommended specs. As it stands I get about 60-70 FPS at 2560×1080 at Medium settings with my 5700 XT, so it makes me think they're targeting 30 FPS in their system requirements.

  5. I wish you could save graphics profiles that change when you're indoors. The graphics can change so quickly, id be very happy to run at a slightly lower quality when im in the city driving gars and stuff, and have the best possible visual experience when inside.

  6. Lmao I’m sitting with an i7 8700k and a 1080ti at 3440 x 1440 and don’t even get a stable 60fps with everything on low lmao. Drivers installed, day one patch and everything.

  7. I have a gtx 960, i5-4460s and 8 gb ram and that car chase in Night City turned into a slide show unfortunately. I had everything on minimum and turned off every graphic effect I could but still it was unplayable 🙁


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